Dinner to celebrate and acknowledge its many section volunteers. The Central Texas Section is composed of more than 3,800 members representing more than 26 different societies and affinity groups. The uniqueness of the sections is its two Life Members Group and two Young Professionals groups representing Austin and San Antonio. Bridging the young IEEE member and some of its senior members, which may be one of its keys to its success.
Before becoming the R5 South Area Chair, I always admired the Central Texas Section from a far and SWIPE (Steal With Integrity and Pride Everywhere) many of its volunteer activities and corporate partnerships ideas. As the R5 South Area Chair, I have a greater understanding and appreciation of its volunteers and the spirit of those volunteers in leadership roles being proud to serve their area communities. Its reflected in its Mission Statement.

  • For Central Texas Section to be RELEVANT to the members and community at large.
  • Chapter vitality: Min 3-5 meetings, relevant topics, increase attendance, audience satisfaction
  • Improve Communications and Training
  • Building communities of Interest: K-12, Student engagement, YP
  • CTS Initiatives: Collaboration with other consortiums/councils, special interest groups, industry, government and academia
  • Collaboration with other sections, regions, and societies

Special recognition to the following volunteers for their Commitment, Dedication and Contribution in 2018 to the section. The following 2018 Exceptional Service Awardees are recognized:

  • Bill Martino
  • James Mercier
  • Semih Aslan
  • Hanan Potash
  • Ehsaneh Sunny Shahhaidar
  • James Brakefield
  • Tom O’Brien
  • Fawzi Behmann

A special thank to Fawzi Behmann and the rest of the CTS EXCOM team for the opportunity to celebrate with your membership.