Seeing the Unseeable

Speaker: Clyde Springen of Austin Community College

Topic: Seeing the Unseeable

Seeing the Unseeable – What technologies can be used to see Black Holes that emit no light because they are so dense that their escape velocities exceed the maximum speed of events like particle propagation or gravitational effects in the universe often called the ‘speed of light’. This has been accomplished by some truly amazing developments in millimeter wave EM detection, Interferometry and computational processing of massive quantities of data.

Speaker’s Bio: Clyde Springen
BSEE, Mastron – Retired – Systems and Software Engineer & Adjunct Professor of Astronomy and Engineering

Was privileged to have a 47 year career as an engineer and teacher. Engineering alumnus of Texas Instruments, Lockheed Missiles and Space, Northrop Grumman and Textron. Primary technology areas in Engineering were in Artificial Intelligence – robotics, machine vision, and expert planning systems, tracking and data fusion, and in Astronomy – photometry analysis and galactic simulation. Worked on applications including surface systems for missiles and rockets, conveyor belt robot and vision systems, automated test systems and corps level army battle planning systems. Some highlights include creating a rule-based countdown sequencer for NASA, developing an innovative state-machine based application programming language for robots resulting in two patents and developing a fault-isolation sub-system to diagnose failure in digital circuit cards. As a teacher at Austin Community College taught Introduction to Engineering, Solar System and Stellar Astronomy courses. Also obtained a NASA grant to incorporate satellite telemetry into engineering curriculum.


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