Speaker: Phil Bautista of Bull Creek Data, Senior Consultant

Bio: Phil Bautista is a Senior Member of the IEEE, an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator and officer with the Travis County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) organization. His focus is on enabling communication WHEN (not IF) Infrastructure crippling emergencies occur. With training and certification in Cyber Security, he also helps to advise and protect our Nation’s critical infrastructure in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security as a member of Infragard (https://www.infragard.org/) in Central Texas.

Phil earned a BSEE from DeVry Institute of Technology in 1982. He is a Senior ITSM Consultant, and is ITIL V3 Certified.

Email: phil.t.bautista@gmail.com


Abstract: At the recent IEEE Rising Stars Conference (https://ieee-risingstars.org/) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Phil Bautista took over 100 undergraduate and graduate level Engineering students through a “Zombie Apocalypse” workshop. In it they were introduced to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) alphabet used in Emergency Communications (EMCOMM), radio operation, serial voice communications nets, and made their very first VHF/UHF radio contacts. Following the workshop an FCC licensing exam session was held and twice the expected number of people passed with their newly minted FCC Amateur Radio licenses. Walk with Phil through the workshop highlights and see the amazing results, what worked, what the bottlenecks were and what failed.

In addition, learn what happens on a weekly basis behind the scenes in Austin, Travis County, across the State of Texas and at our Nation’s Capital to prepare for loss of communication and handle a surge in transporting and managing patients across hospitals in emergencies to keep our Nation, State, County and City from being unable to communicate in the event of a failed infrastructure.

Reservation: https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/m/228717