Speaker: Dr. Edwin De Angel of Invention Matters

Bio: Dr. De Angel is a seasoned inventor with more than 30 patents issued.  Dr. De Angel is the founder of Invention Matters, a company focused on IP licensing, patent infringement analysis,  patent valuation, prior art research and claim chart developing.  He has worked for several Fortune 500 technology firms, law firms and startups.  Dr. De Angel has more than 20 years of experience working for semiconductor and technology firms including Honeywell, Intel, Cirrus Logic, RFMicron, Freescale and Qualcomm.   During this time he led teams as Design Manager and VP of Engineering creating, developing and licensing intellectual property. Between 2005-2009 Dr. De Angel served as a program evaluator for the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET). Dr. De Angel has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.  He is a professional engineer (PE) licensed in the state of Texas and a certified licensing professional (CLP).  Dr. De Angel is a board member of Quantum interface and co-chair of the Licensing Executive Society Austin/Hill Country Chapter.

Email: edwin.deangel@inventionmatters.com

Address:Austin, Texas, United States


Title: Edison vs Tesla: When IP ruled … still does

Abstract: Tales of two of the greatest engineering minds.  From Edison vs. Tesla to Apple vs. Qualcomm. Why inventor technical breakthroughs fail to become successful businesses.  In a world where innovation is not confined by geographic boundaries intellectual property (IP) has become a game changer.  All patents are not created equal: good patents vs. bad patents. From engineer to subject matter expert.

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Slides from Program: Edison vs. Tesla V2.3


Video of talk: https://youtu.be/-3YhsGmQbEo