Speaker: Dr. Thomas Ryan

Bio: Thomas Ryan has over 35 years’ experience in the medical device field, starting with 12 years in academics at Stanford Univ. and Dartmouth College. His career then entered the second phase with Medical Device development and commercialization, with large companies (Covidien, J&J, Smith and Nephew), as well as 5 start-ups. His focus was energy-based tissue treatment using microwaves, ultrasound, and RF for tumor ablation as well as energy-based devices (e.g. LigaSure, now $1B product) for surgery and clinical treatment. More recently he was CEO at a Boston-based start-up where he pitched to Venture Capitalists and Angel Groups for funding, met with the FDA, and laid the groundwork for commercialization including business plan, and market forecast, segueing into acquisition by a major player in the market.

He is an IEEE Fellow, has 48 US patents, and more than 110 book chapters and publications.

Email: Tryan@ieee.org

Abstract: Thermal ablation of tumors through the skin and into liver or kidney is in widespread use daily. A medical start-up created a novel gel that is injected next to the tumor that changes the dielectric properties such that microwaves or RF are more effectively absorbed and the ablation volume is markedly increased. This should lead to more effective treatment since often all of the tumor is not ablated with the treatment which could lead to regrowth of the cancer. The technology could also be used for cardiac ablation and other sites.

The talk will give a short tutorial on tumors, thermal ablation, and access to the tumor, including an animation. Following this introduction, then it will proceed to go over the market potential, and development and commercialization plans of the start-up. The audience will be the hypothetical Angel investors and will discuss afterward whether they would fund or not and their reasons for doing so. Angel investors invest their own money, so they scrutinize (in great detail) all the start-ups that pitch to them.