Date and Time: 16 Mar 2021, 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Title: Rolled-Ribbon – Hi-Power Hi-Capacity Li-ion Batteries

Abstract: Over the past twenty years, the demand for Lithium-ion batteries has grown from virtually zero to more than $55 billion. In the past fifteen years, the high-power high-capacity segment of the Lithium-ion battery market has been growing from zero to more than $45 billion. Until now, Lithium-ion batteries were based on the decades-old cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cell designs. These work well for low-power low-capacity applications. But they do not scale up well to meet demands for increasing power and capacity.  Rolled-Ribbon® is a novel new technology that was specifically developed to address the scalability issues and to become a new standard for high-power high-capacity Lithium-ion batteries. This presentation will introduce the attendee to the new Rolled-Ribbon® technology.

Speaker: Joel Sandhal of Rolled-Ribbon Battery Company LLC


Recording of presentation: