January 28, 2020: Technical Meeting Digital Concepts for Medium Voltage Switchgear Applications and Value Proposition – Safety, Simplicity and Speed

On January 28, 2020, Franklin Bohac, P.E., Field Application Engineer, Electrification  with ABB Industrial Solutions, spoke at the IEEE (PI)2 Austin Technical Meeting on “Digital Concepts for Medium Voltage Switchgear: Applications and Value Proposition – Safety, Simplicity and Speed”.   The focus was on the benefits of digital vs traditional switchgear, in terms of panel space required, wiring required, overall cost savings and ease of operation and revision. Lively discussion followed including the additional costs of the engineering design time for the devices (not drafting time) and potentially shorter life spans from both an antiquation and useful life perspective. Franklin demonstrated his expertise in the equipment and methodically laid out the overall operations and benefits.

Medium Voltage Switchgear design has progressed to the point where technology and customer needs are converging.  Platforms not only blend control, protective, and communication functions but augment their capabilities.  In the last decade, Electrical switchgear has been evolving rapidly, requiring manufacturers to develop and incorporate the latest technologies that will respond to the ever-growing demands of a variety of customers.  Manufacturers are using cutting edge R&D to compliment such needs and develop next generation solutions to meet those customer demands.  One such technology is the next generation Digital Medium Voltage Switchgear.

About the Speaker:

Mr. Franklin Bohac, P.E. graduated from Texas A&M University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Power Studies.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.  Franklin worked for consulting engineering firms in Houston and Austin, Texas in the commercial and light industrial design field at various levels as an Electrical Engineer for 18 years after graduation.  He also worked for LCRA – Lake Austin Blvd. campus Engineering Design team supporting various LCRA generation facilities projects as a Senior Electrical Engineer for approximately 2 years.   Franklin was previously employed with GE for approximately 10 years prior to the business being sold to ABB in July 2018.  He worked primarily as a Specification/Application Engineer while employed at GE.  His work experience has been with a broad range of both Commercial and Industrial type customers.  He has experience in both medium and low voltage systems.  This includes commercial distribution products, switchgear, and motor control.  His present title is Field Application Engineer within the Electrification – Industrial Solutions (ELIS) division of ABB.