Article: Electronic Parts Outlet (EPO) November 2021 Houston Section Meeting

Electronic Parts Outlet (EPO)

November 22 at 5:09  · Houston, TX  ·

It was truly our pleasure to host a small meeting for IEEE Houston Section members at our store after work on Thursday, November 18, 2021. I believe we had in some of one of the student branch chapters here in Houston. What an amazingly cheerful and friendly group of engineers! Many thanks for the honor of hosting the meeting. What a pleasure to meet with all of these folks here in our store Electronic Parts Outlet – Houston!

“Please support local businesses in the area. Small shops such as ours are really struggling and we need & appreciate your business!” says Chris Macha, business partner at EPO.

It was a pleasure for the IEEE Houston Section to co-host our regular monthly meeting at Electronics Parts Outlet (EPO). The team at EPO did a fantastic job at making us feel part of the EPO family and community. Bring family and friends for some fun electronic projects and BBQ from our favorite BBQ vendor Zack’s BBQ Ronnie Smith, thank you for everything you do for the IEEE Houston Section and the greater Engineering Community.


Although we don’t have Radio Shack anymore, thank you EPO for servicing our electronic needs and questions.

EPO has the resources for those working in electronics, electro-mechanical, and much more. They sell new, used, surplus parts and components and strive to create a warm, friendly environment for all of their customers. They always offer free coffee and the full extent of the knowledge of our staff to inspire and educate customers so they can build their ideas as they please. They are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding products or the project you’re working on. Please stop by in-person to see the perks of buying from a real storefront! 

All though this is the first in-person meeting the IEEE Houston Section has had over the past 18 months, it was great to see so many of our members attending. Many were unaware of EPO but all of that has changed. I agreed in 2022 to bring down a couple of my Pinball Machines (Harlem Globetrotter and Muhammad Ali) to play and have some fun with the EPO team. Chris also has agreed to help me update it with some BlueTooth communications and LED lights.

This will be a great in-person meeting to attend, I’m looking forward to getting this meeting set up.


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Article by Christopher SandersonIEEE R5 South Area Chair,  IEEE-USA Career & Professional Development Committee Chair,  Houston Section Chair



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