CenterPoint Energy Transmission System Protection Schemes – Neftaly Torres

On May 24, 2018 Neftaly Torres gave a presentation titled CenterPoint Energy Transmission System Protection Schemes to the IEEE Technical Meeting held at HESS Club.

Neftaly is a Supervising Engineer at CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric with 9+ years of technical experience in T&D system protection, design, construction, power quality and reliability. He has worked in the 3 Phase Major Underground Projects Department, the 3 Phase Major Underground Protective Relay & Reliability Department, the Transmission System Protection Department, and the Transmission Engineering Department. Neftaly has also represented CNP in the IEEE PSRC, SWEDE, and the A&M Conference for Protective Relay Engineers. Currently, he is responsible for the Transmission Contract Engineering group.

During the presentation, he provided a basic understanding of CenterPoint Energy’s transmission system protection schemes for transmission lines, substation transformers, reactor banks, and capacitor banks.

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