Congestion Management in 5G Mobile Systems – ATLANTA COM19 CHAPTER on 13-March-2015

In addition to the support of increased peak bit rates, higher spectrum spectral efficiency, and better coverage, 5G mobile systems are required to be scalable, supporting potential numbers of diverse connectable devices, including Machine Type Communications (MTC) devices, and handling mobile traffic 1000 times larger than the current one. Coping with such an ever-increasing mobile traffic, most importantly in a cost-efficient way, is critical for the success of 5G systems. In this vein, the talk will touch upon the current congestion management approaches and their limitation to cope with the required scalability of 5G systems. This talk will be then highlighting the challenges current and future mobile systems are/will be facing and will be showcasing how programmable virtual mobile networks can be used as an efficient solution to revolutionize the congestion management concept and to deal with the ever-growing mobile traffic in 5G mobile systems.

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