Congratulations to CB Sanderson – 2018-19 R5 South Area Chair

Meet the new IEEE Region 5 South Area Chair CB Sanderson. Christopher is no stranger to IEEE as he is currently the Houston Section Vice-Chair and was the past Secretary, Awards and Arrangements, and Webmaster. He is a Senior Member and VoLT (Volunteer Leadership Training) 2017 graduate.

As the Region 5 South Area Chair Christopher will:

    1. Oversee affairs of six Texas Sections: Central Texas, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort Worth, Galveston Bay and Houston Sections.
    2. Provide timely Information, Training and Resources, available from the Region and National organizations for the benefit of the IEEE Members from the aforementioned sections.
    3. Coordinate Section, Region and National Policies and Procedures, provide Administration and Financial Reporting, and assure the Sections remain viable to support their members.
    4. Perform the following duties to accomplish these responsibilities:
      1. Administer the Regions Policies and Procedures with regard to Sections. (e.g. Area Student Paper Contest, Region Awards).
      2. Publish periodic e-mail news about Section, region and national organization’s activities of interest, and invite feedback on Section.
      3. Assist each Section to develop and maintain a healthy administrative structure with section by-laws, a strategic plan and required documentation. (e.g. new officer training with section, chapter and branch planning).
      4. Conduct personal Section visits and participate in ExCom, General and Special Section meetings and activities.
    5. Act as conduit between the Sections and Region for Communications, Resources and Administrative support to assure long term success of IEEE Member Activities in the geographical area assigned.

    Article by Newsletter Chairperson: Payal Majumdar


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