Goal Setting @ Axelrad for Young Professionals

IEEE HOU Sec Young Professionals

On Friday, January 26th 2018, the IEEE Houston Section Young Professionals met for goal setting over beer. The event commenced a little late due to the (in)famous Houston traffic. Goal setting discussions began once the group settled in.

Houston Section Vice-Chair, Christopher Sanderson, led the discussion.  As part of the workshop, attendees set long term and short term goals, discussed their personal barriers to completing goals, and shared with each other their action plan on how they will achieve their goals this year. The event ended with several attendees getting connected with other’s networks – basically leveraging the huge human network associated with IEEE membership.

One of the most important lessons learned from this discussion is finding an accountability partner is key to keep yourself on track to achieve your goals.  Your accountability partner should be able to put you in your place and tell you when you’re being unrealistic.  And once you find your accountability partner, you should plan to check in with him/her every few weeks.  This helps you to not stray too far off track, if deviation from your goals occurs.

If you missed the event, check out these related videos and articles, or contact Moriah Hangrove Anders  to get a copy of the goal setting worksheet used during the event:



-If you know of any cool events YPs can volunteer at, email the YP Chair at moriah.s.hargrove.anders@ieee.org to provide your outreach and community engagement ideas!

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