HOU Sec. Meet: Privacy Concerns and Evolving Technology

HOU Sec Computer Society





Presenter: Dr. Ernst Leiss

Dr. Ernst Leiss gave an enlightening, thought provoking, and well attended lecture for the February 21, 2019 Houston IEEE Section monthly meeting.   Ernst is the head of the Houston IEEE Computer Society.   The presentation topic was Privacy Concerns: The Clash Between Technological Capabilities and Societal Expectations.  Dr. Leiss explored the implications of fact that society has certain basic expectations: People and institutions, including governmental organizations, must behave in accordance with the law and in conformity with a society’s ethics. Moreover, a society’s laws are generally expected to reflect its ethics.  However, technology increasingly provides capabilities that are unexpected and generally not well known. These technological capabilities may clash with a society’s laws and ethics. Modern societies have certain expectations of privacy; these expectations may be contradicted by the capabilities new technology provides.

The Houston Section is very appreciative of Dr. Leiss’s excellent presentation on this timely topic.


Article by Vincent Palughi

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