IEEE Houston Section Meeting – Finding hydrocarbons with neutrons

Finding hydrocarbons with neutrons: The physics and technology of neutron-induced gamma-ray spectroscopy in the oil patches.

Date: October 22, 2015
Time: 06:00PM to 08:00PM (2.00 hours)

Presenter: Dr. R.J. Radtke

Topic: The increasing complexity of today’s hydrocarbon reservoirs demands an accurate understanding of formation composition and mineralogy. This is particularly true for unconventional reservoirs, in which quantification of both mineralogy and organic carbon is critical for resource evaluation. Neutron-induced gamma-ray spectroscopy is a technique that is especially well suited to providing this information. In this talk, I will explain the basic physics underlying this technique. As a specific example, I will describe a recently released wireline geochemical logging tool and discuss some of the technologies which underlie its performance.

Biography: R. J. Radtke is an Advisor in Tool Physics at Schlumberger’s Houston Formation Evaluation Integration Center in Sugar Land, Texas. He has been involved in the design, characterization, and algorithm development for nuclear logging-while-drilling and wireline tools since joining Schlumberger in 1999. He graduated from The University of Chicago in 1994 with a PhD in physics.


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