IEEE-USA’s New, Free August E-Book Encourages Teachers, Student, Parents To Explore Creativity

WASHINGTON (1 August 2022) —  These powers of imagination and creativity are among the few things that set us apart from the rest of life on Earth. But they make all the difference.

 ~Sir Ken Robinson

Prolific writer and educator about all things engineering, Harry T. Roman, is back with a new e-book series on creativity in the classroom. Creativity–Our Valuable Lifelong Skill–Volume 1: The Basicsis the firstof a three-book series on creativity. This book contains the basics about creativity, gleaned from the author’s personal readings, research and interactions with teachers and students over decades of in-person visits and lecturing, in various grade levels in public and private schools.

In Volume 1: The Basics, Roman outlines the four “Cs” necessary to prepare the next generation to be creative, and to generate the ideas necessary for the unprecedented global changes to come: Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration and Communication.

Creativity is one of those words that piques attention, gets blood pumping, and forms quick and strong images in the minds of educators, business experts—and especially parents, the author writes.  He explains creativity is often associated with, or used interchangeably with, imagination. 

And further, Roman emphasizes creativity is a life skill, of value in formal and informal settings — and of great value on the globally competitive world stage. Roman expounds companies want creative employees, who can quickly convert raw knowledge into highly competitive know-how, resulting in strategic advantage in the marketplace.

Creativity is a critical catalyst; but it must be nurtured, practiced and welcomed — wherever it is needed.

~Harry T. Roman

Creativity–Our Valuable Lifelong Skill–Volume 1: The Basics is available to IEEE members for free at IEEE-USA’s online shop. Non-members pay $2.99. Don’t miss this opportunity to complete the series for your reference libraries!

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