Section Meeting: Blockchain in 2019 and its potential impact on our world

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Blockchain can do for business what the internet did for communication

Every second of every day, businesses exchange value with suppliers, partners, customers, and others. By value, we mean goods, services, money, data and more. Each exchange of value is a transaction. Successful transactions need to be fast, precise and easily agreed on by parties participating in the transaction. Blockchain for business provides a way to execute many more of these transactions — a much better way.This seminar is facilitated by Sherry Jacob, a member of the Cloud Credential Council. The Cloud Credential Council Expert Panel helps build Blockchain Foundation certification information to help candidates better blockchain concepts. The council covers the potential for blockchain applications that can be used for solving real business problems in industry, and an overview of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as a use case of the blockchain. Currently, building course content for Blockchain Developer and Blockchain Security.

The blockchain is being considered as a disruptive technology, but it has emerged from relative obscurity to become a relatively popular conversation topic across various industries. Blockchain has the potential to influence every aspect of the global economy and its applications which is developing faster than most governments or regulators can, or have been willing to grapple. In this session, we plan to cover:

  • Hot Trend of technologies of 2019
  • Evolution of Blockchain
  • What are Blockchain and its concepts?
  • Blockchain History
  • Blockchain life-cycle and adoption maturity
  • Blockchain Adoption challenges
  • Blockchain Decision Path
  • Use case – Future of Financial Services and Manufacturing industry
  • Blockchain Technology Stack
  • Enterprise Implementing Blockchain technology

Please join us to the IEEE Houston Section March meeting.

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  • 5430 Westheimer Ct
  • Houston, Texas
  • United States 77056

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