The GreenTech Committee’s Eaton Experience

The IEEE Region 5 GreenTech conference committee members are planning activities for the attendees of the 2022 IEEE Green Technology/ R5 conference. On Aug 4, 2021 committee members Michelle Patrick, Dr. Len Trombetta, Christopher Sanderson, and James Epkins Jr. visited the Eaton Experience Center. This center is used as a training facility for customers and team members. The Customer Experience Center showcases critical power equipment used in Oil and Gas Industry, Manufacturing, Utility, and Commercial options that can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and build on their sustainability goals. Our tour guides were Manager, Edgar Medina and Engineer, Yzhi Quiajda who helped give us a better understanding. They were very knowledgeable about every figure. They demonstrated electrical equipment such as the electrical motors capable of moving deep well oil pump jacks and low voltage switchgears with arc quenching technology. These switchgears reduce arc fault energy to a level where the switchgear will survive an electrical arc flash event.

The committee is looking to provide an educational experience that adds value and informs the participants of how Eaton helps to conserve the environment. The website for GreenTech 2022 will be coming soon, but in the meantime you can follow the actions of the committee from our LinkedIn page:





Article by James EpkinsGreenTech 2022 WebmasterIEEE Houston Section Webmaster,  Lamar University Young Professional and a contributing volunteer to Houston Section Newsletter team. 



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The aim of IEEE GreenTech 2022 is to serve as a forum for engineers, researchers and specialists from academia, research centers, and industry worldwide to discuss and present the latest developments and applications related to the challenges of securing green and clean energy sources for the 21st century to protect the environment. GreenTech main areas of interest include but not limited to Renewable Energy and Smart Grids, Energy Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Storage, Transportation Electrification, Codes, Standards, Regulations and Policies, and related topics, including Engineering Education.


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