Best Snacks for Get Together with Friends

After a long week at the office, delicious snacks with some good friends are all we can ask for. If you’re looking for some great foods for a bite to eat and to have a couple of drinks with friends, chilled light reds, for instance, are great in summer. 

There are some must-have snacks known for their special tastes and which are old favorites. Some snacks suit hot summery weather more while others will do the trick for cold wintry days or evenings. 

If you’ve made a date with your friends for a cool snack time together, you may have some extra time to explore some exciting new options to enhance your entertainment time. Your snacks can range from traditional to fusion to sushi and canapes. 

There are always going to be those friends who are looking to eat healthily and they’re forever looking for ingredients with no artificial colorants or preservatives, but even so there are some that come without these ingredients and which will tickle your tastebuds, 

  1. Fudge

Some of the best snacks to share with friends and which slot in perfectly on every occasion is fudge – deliciously sweet and made in the traditional way but with a bit of a modern twist. The fudge makes use of only the best quality ingredients, organic sugar and full cream dairy. 

The fudge is sinfully delicious and you can feast on flavors such as milky bar, gin and tonic, zesty lemon and caramel fudge, and although you’re not kids, you can become funky and add in jelly tots for color. 

  1. Flavorsome popcorn

We’ve been consuming popcorn – a whole grain maize product – for as long as we were kids and the versatile and nutritious snack is enjoyed throughout adulthood. Eating light and bright is always a good idea, but in summer, we really want it light, healthy and tasty as well as filling and popcorn, whether sweet or savory, remains a favorite firm snack. 

Proper Popcorn is an entire experience – your one-stop shop for the ultimate popcorn treat and you can choose from more than 50 non-GMO popcorn flavors that you’ve never imagined possible. 

  1. Small lamb ribs

With these super tasty finger snacks, you can be expecting your friends to be dropping in just a little bit more than you’d like. Everyone should have some no-fail recipes they can turn to for quick snacks to feed even unexpected guests. 

Small lamb ribs are always a finger-licking winner and you can use a herbed spice blend as a rub, making your ribs sensational, especially when served with tomatoes and lemons. They can even be used as a delicious starter for the main meal. 

  1. Herb and ricotta balls

No herb collection is complete without parsley with its crisp, clean taste and it’s nutritious and versatile too, known particularly well for adding into raw foods. 

Popping these tasty balls into your mouth is as easy as pie because of the creamy, cheesy taste. Just mix ricotta, cheese, chopped parsley, oregano, salt and pepper as well as olive oil and roll the mixture into bite-sized balls. You can then roll the balls into chopped herbs, which of course, includes parsley.

  1. Homemade sweets

Everything in moderation can sometimes get boring, and then it’s time to prepare some home-made sweets such as coconut ice, toffees and truffles. 

After all those savory snacks, it’s time for sweet stuff with ingredients such as condensed milk, butter and cocoa. If you want to be on the healthy side, no-bake date snack bars are always a super filler-food – sweet, chewy and also wholesome.

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