Avoiding Roadblocks to Scaling Your Business

There comes a point in the life cycle of a company where it has to shift from being a small startup that is run by a small number of people, to a larger corporation or organization that has greater needs than can be met by the original small team of leaders. This is where scaling your business comes into play. Successfully scaling up your business past the initial startup phase is a significant accomplishment, one that should be recognized for what it is: a major step forward in company development, which can either make or break your company in the long term. In order to avoid the potential downfall that could come from a failed scale up attempt, be sure that you can identify and avoid some of the most common roadblocks to scaling your business.

Perhaps the largest single obstacle that one can face when trying to scale a business is not having the proper mindset in place before you start. You need to have a drive to achieve this audacious goal, or you will struggle to push through the difficult aspects of the scaling process, most likely leaving your company worse off than before you started. It will be necessary to have the utmost attention to the minute details of your company’s growth process, since you will be making large changes to how it functions on a day to day basis.

Once you have the right mindset in place to tackle the scaling process, be sure to keep an eye out for the following stumbling blocks, as well as others that many companies come across when trying to scale.

  • Stalled Momentum: As a startup company grows, it can start to stagnate once it reaches a certain size. This often happens because, as the company grows, the founders are less involved with the new people who are coming in to the company. You can avoid this problem by having a strong guiding principle that your company is focused on, and checking back periodically to ensure that it stays that way.
  • Poor Communication: Much like everything else in life, growing a business requires that the people working in it are able to effectively communicate with each other. Being unable to communicate company goals, potential problems, or project status changes slows down the company and causes frustration and division. This can be remedied by instituting a company-wide method for effective communication and sticking to it. This can be daily, quarterly, or anywhere in between, this depends on the size of your business and the level at which the communication is taking place.

Scaling up a business is one of the most difficult things to do in the business world, and there are many places where it can go wrong, so it can be very helpful to have help from people who have been successful in scaling up numerous business in the past. OpGen Media is a company that works in the field of helping companies to develop and hone their marketing operations and lead generation systems, and has worked with several companies both large and small on accomplishing this task.

Regardless of whether you are a small startup of 20 people or a larger company with hundreds of employees, scaling your business up is a difficult proposition that can offer enormous rewards for those who manage to pull it off successfully. Taking the time to properly plan out a strategy for avoiding the roadblocks that can impede a scale up attempt will be well worth it in the long run.

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