Key Functions You Can Outsource While Growing Your Business

When internal business teams don’t have the bandwidth to complete all necessary tasks, experts often advise that outsourcing to third parties is the answer. It is vital to outsource the right functions to the right companies if you want the best results. Outsourcing to professionals trained in a certain area of expertise can potentially save your business time and money. 

IT and systems management

IT is so specialized that it is often outsourced by business owners. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to support an in-house IT team. Expert help is necessary to set up devices, systems, and applications and help is also needed for ongoing troubleshooting and fixing any problems with software and hardware. 

You can engage expert managed IT services Brisbane offered by InfoTech Solutions. The company will ensure your technology is set up to support your business success. The team is proactively committed to monitoring your network performance and guarantees that it is built and maintained to meet your unique business needs. 

Accounting and bookkeeping

Another area that’s commonly outsourced is accounting and bookkeeping. There are compliance standards, specific processes, tax payments and more to take care of and this can be daunting for business owners who aren’t trained in this area. 

If you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping, you can increase your business efficiency and even save money over the long term. You can avoid some errors that could cost you money and as your returns will be on time, you won’t have to pay penalties or interest. 


Many companies outsource marketing today as online marketing can be complex, time-consuming and critical to growth. Many business owners do not know enough about online marketing to accomplish it successfully. 

Outsourcing to a marketing agency can lead to approaches for marketing campaigns based on experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Agencies can come up with strategic, professional marketing plans, help to execute them, measure their success and make adjustments to improve future campaigns. 


Sales personnel today need unique skill sets as they have to focus on generating leads, setting up sales funnels, and closing deals online. Outsourcing this function could put these tasks into the hands of skilled professionals who know exactly how to get consumers on the hook and close deals. 

You could have the most awesome product or service but without an effective sales team to create a sales workflow and get them into the hands of consumers, it would be difficult to grow your business. 

Administrative work

Business owners are often visionaries but the smaller details of running the business may not be their strength. Outsourcing administrative functions to a virtual assistant (VA) is becoming a common practice today. 

VAs will handle many different admin tasks, from answering phones, creating travel itineraries and posting on social media to scheduling appointments and handling office logistics. They can help to keep your business organized so you can focus on more important aspects like gaining new customers and business growth.

Customer service

If your business interacts with many customers on a regular basis but doesn’t have enough support staff to keep up with demands, it is best to outsource customer service responsibilities. This can mean having to train, offer resources and create processes and workflows for the third party handling your customer service. 

Once it is all set up, your customer support partner can offer seamless customer support, which is essential if you want to grow. Customers who don’t get the support they need today will quickly jump ship and go to another company that offers better service. 

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