The Top Challenges for CTOs in 2022

The pandemic brought with it many challenges for even the most proficient CTOs. More people are working remotely than ever before and the importance of CTOs is increasing as technology plays a part in all business operations. CTOs need to develop strategies for a world that’s transforming digitally and they are facing some major challenges. 

Shortage of IT professionals 

One of the biggest challenges CTOs face at present is a shortage of IT professionals. With most businesses going digital, the demand for skilled and qualified professionals to handle IT operations is immense. The rate of attrition is high because there is always a company willing to pay more. 

Outsourcing IT can be the answer for many businesses. Managed IT support gives remote workers less to worry about by nipping any issues in the bud before they can get out of hand. Total Computer Technology offers IT support Penrith and its vetted experts can help to streamline team workflows and communications. 

Managing legacy systems

Most businesses have certain old systems, also called legacy systems. This can be anything from an inventory management system to a payroll system. As new technologies develop, replacing legacy systems may be necessary for more operational efficiency. 

Managing the transition is not easy. Sometimes it’s necessary to completely replace legacy systems and in other cases, it isn’t necessary because it’s possible to supplement old systems with new technology. Changes must be made strategically or they can have unforeseen consequences for the business or customers. 

Cyber security and privacy concerns

Cyber security threats and data breaches are a big concern for CTOs, especially as more people start to work from home. Remote workers may use their own internet, systems, and connected devices, which can create more opportunities for cybercriminals. 

A data breach can destroy a brand’s reputation very quickly. Phishing and ransomware are proving to be two of the biggest threats. CTOs need to re-think management of credentials and work on fostering a company culture that encourages security awareness.  

The growing importance of cloud computing

With remote working the norm and the demand for secure, accessible applications, cloud computing has become a significant IT spend. Many businesses have already migrated to a cloud infrastructure because of the value it offers. 

With the competition embracing cloud technology, CTOs can’t afford any latency in their organizations. They need to embrace the cloud but it can be difficult to predict what they need ahead of time and may have difficulty finding the right offering to suit their workload. 

Increased investment in edge computing

A new reality for many organizations is the growth of data outside of the data center. Today great quantities are generated by IoT smart devices, mobile devices and from remote branches. Gartner estimates that by 2025, about 75 percent of an organization’s data will be generated outside of the data center. 

The challenge for CTOs will be deploying computing power and storage capabilities at the network’s edge. Edge computing is relevant to any company wanting higher performance on certain applications.

The potential to enhance application performance and process data closer to the network edge could advance services of many kinds. Edge computing works best in combination with cloud computing. 

The pressure to deliver ROI

Businesses expect their CTOs to help their tech-related projects to bring excellent returns on investments. CTOs must create strategies and plans that make it possible to achieve a good ROI. In the current climate where the pandemic is not yet over, it can be hard to offer this so CTOs are often under a great deal of pressure and stress.  

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