Five Major Reasons That Lead to Violent Behavior in School Kids

The world has reason to be concerned about the violent behavior of school kids these days. Even 6, 7, and 8-year-olds are showing anger and getting into more physical fights. Of course, there are a whole lot of reasons as to why we are seeing this. Children can’t be disciplined anymore and they know this. They feel powerful when they are violent and when it works for them, they make use of violent means as the norm to get what they want.

Bickering parents

All parents will have words with each other at some time. However, ongoing bickering and squabbling together with some physical altercations and verbal insults are guaranteed to create emotional damage to a child. Even babies can be affected by bickering parents. High-conflict homes take a toll on a child’s mental health. 

Children who are exposed to fighting parents and who witness them kicking the dog or knocking things off the table will treat others with this same kind of hostility. It’s why marriage counseling sessions can be so helpful in addressing these kinds of concerns. Interactive Counseling plays a huge role in helping parents work towards better relationships with each other and ultimately to help with reducing violence in their children. 

Inferiority complex

School kids and even adults who suffer from feelings of insecurity are those that frequently lose their temper. They usually perform poorly in school, they battle to make friends, they’re reluctant to participate in classroom activities and they revolt against any rules. Many people who study school shootings try to find a profile of a typical school shooter. 

Nothing is set in stone but they are usually misfits – those who have had a troubled upbringing and who have got a chip on their shoulder about who they are. They’ve often been raised by parents who tell them that they’re useless, stupid, and not wanted. Their feelings of inferiority make it difficult for them to function properly because they don’t believe that they can get anything right. When children feel they don’t fit in or belong, it inevitably leads to problematic behavior. 

Substance abuse

Substance abuse has been associated with violent behavior in school kids. In fact, many school kids tell how drugs are readily available to buy at their schools. Substance abuse is related to violence and dreadful acts are perpetrated under the influence of substances. Several studies report a disturbing relationship between addiction and violence. 

There are some drugs, such as cocaine, that produce violent behavior in kids. You find displays of aggression and violence and an alarming increase in sexual crimes, even from primary school children. There are drugs such as cocaine that lead to heightened sexual arousal and young kids of 10, 11 act on these urges, engaging in violent sexual acts such as rape. 

The internet

Modern technology has opened up a new world of entertainment for kids. Not only are kids exposed to violent games, but they also make use of chat, email, and social media for bullying and other forms of internet violence. Psychologists have studied school kids exposed to these games and have seen how children become far less sensitive to the pain and suffering of animals and humans.

These children are far more likely to behave in harmful ways towards animals and humans. Kids are also exposed to horrendous peer violence via the internet. Sometimes hatred websites are created for the sole purpose of spreading violent and offensive comments. Pictures are placed on the website too for others to joke about and ridicule. It is a psychological type of abuse, and many times its consequences are more serious than actual violence. 

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