The Different Advances in Gaming Technology

Almost every game is available online these days. A report by Research and Markets stated that the global gaming market will reach $287.1 billion by 2026. With this, we can say that the transition from offline games to online games has been a massive step forward. 

Online gaming enhanced the playing experience for everyone. This does not just mean the serious gamers, but also those who like to dabble once in a while. It eliminated cleaning up pieces and waiting for someone to take their turn. 

Games are becoming increasingly realistic, interactive, and social as time goes on. In the 1980s, video games were more simplistic, linear experiences. Games today are alive with endless possibilities. The graphic capabilities, sounds, controllers — all make today’s gaming experience different. 

This post highlights the advances in gaming technology everyone’s enjoying now.

Facial Recognition

We should expect to see more 3D facial recognition technology in the coming years. It has significantly impacted digital transformation. Facial recognition allows systems to create a likeness of your face. This way, computer games can create a virtual version of you as an avatar. Facial recognition can eventually be beneficial for emotional gaming experiences.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming massive in gaming. There are already some noteworthy virtual reality gaming consoles released. These come in headset-shaped consoles strapped to the eyes. Virtual reality consoles accounted for less than half a percent of the gaming sales in 2020. 

One good thing about virtual reality consoles is that it enables you to move. Instead of sitting down and playing, you can be physically active. You can walk around the room and flap your arms to win your game.

The Traditional Goes Online

The more advanced technologies became, the easier it got to play traditional games. Traditional games are still playable. However, there is nothing like their digital counterparts. Playing them online brings you many advantages compared to the physical version. Moreover, they’re enjoyable even for adults. They can now enjoy their favourite childhood games on their tablets or phones.

One good example of this is Solitare. The game has been around since the later part of the 18th century. Then, in 1990, Microsoft included the Solitaire game in Windows 3.0. Now, it is more accessible, and you can play it wherever and whenever you like. 

As long as you have access to the Internet, you can play Solitaire on your smartphone or tablet. Dealing with the hassle of shuffling cards to play the game is now a thing of the distant past.

Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud gaming technology refers to games in hosted servers via the Internet. Cloud gaming is a new concept, but it has become one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global gaming industry. A report by Reuters stated that cloud gaming consisted of more than 932 million users in 2020.

Cloud-based technology offers convenience and the opportunity to save space on your computer. You can play several games at once without installing multiple game applications. This technology allows you to game up without investing in too much equipment.

The Bottom Line

A lot has changed since the first home video game consoles. And in many ways, a lot has remained the same. Technology is still advancing. But gaming’s accessibility is increasing as time goes on. 

If you look at the past ten years of gaming technology, you can see its many advances. All these have improved the quality of any gamer’s playing experience.

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