How to Decide Between Buying Emerald and Diamond

Emeralds and diamonds are some of the most luxurious gemstones used for dress-wear jewelry and are highly sought-after. Used in fabulous necklace settings and exquisitely ornate rings, they are a symbol of high society sophistication and celebrity status. 

However, for the indulgent, deciding between the two prized stones can be a challenge and you might buy a beautiful emerald when the diamond would have been the best for the purpose. Here’s a look at the subtle differences that can help you in deciding which one to buy.

Consider purpose

Emeralds and diamonds are special and rare gemstones highly valued in jewelry. Emeralds, formed from the mineral beryl, are brittle, while diamonds made from carbon are harder – a quality that is retained in the tech behind lab-grown diamonds. Emeralds come in two distinct colors: green and bluish-green, while diamonds are colorless or with a yellowish tint.

While the color aspect limits the emerald’s general use, the diamond, on the other hand, offers versatile combinations with many dress colors. You can wear a diamond piece with many dress color variations with perfect matching, although both stones are excellent for rings. You can buy special emerald jewelry for special occasions and a diamond for all occasions.

Quality preference

Discussing the quality of these two stones is a moot point as both are special in individual ways. The emerald is one of the most rare stones in the world and wearing one is a mark of classic taste and sublime beauty, while the diamond’s purity endows the wearer with sophistication and elegance. However, both stones have subtle differences that give them unique qualities that may guide your choice.

A clear difference is the level of inclusions in each stone and your choice will depend on how these imperfections appeal to you. Diamonds, by default, are expected to have absolute clarity for their quality to sparkle. Emeralds come with sometimes visible unique inclusions that may add to their allure depending on your taste.


Universally, diamonds are deemed pricier than emeralds though this is not true across the board. It all comes down to quality and diamonds have multiple grading levels that determine their value. At certain cut grades, say SI2 with inclusions, a diamond can be lower in price than an emerald of the same carats without inclusions.

All said and done, your pocket will determine which stone to go for and still achieve the desired look and satisfaction. The emerald’s deep green helps it get away with inclusions and hence lower price while still retaining its beauty.

Structural composition

Do you like them harder or just hard enough? Diamonds are harder and are ranked 10 on the Mohs scale with the ability to withstand rough handling without visible abrasions. Emeralds’ ranking at 7.5 on the same scale does not mean they are less durable, although they may require careful handling due to their brittle structure.

Since diamonds are harder, they give designers more latitude to cut customized shapes more easily than the brittle emerald. That means you will have more diamond designs to choose from, although the emerald cut remains a classic.

Is it a special ring?

Rings and especially wedding rings have a very high sentimental value and for those who can afford them, only the best is good enough. So, which one between the two for that special ring? The emerald is rare and brings distinction, while the diamond is special with sophistication. On their own, rings cast with either of the stones are works of exquisite art and sentimentally priceless.

So, if you can’t decide between the two, why not consider a spectacular combination on the same ring? The result will amaze you!

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