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The factor that makes many customers hesitate to shop online is that they do not have a shop assistant or salesperson to ask questions before they commit to a purchase. Some shoppers find this frustrating and prefer to visit a physical store. However, online stores can persuade these customers to use their facilities by implementing… Read more

Agile refers to the ability to create and respond to change. It involves dealing with an uncertain and turbulent environment and ultimately succeeding. Agile development methods are a set of frameworks and practices based on the values and principles defined on the specific project development. When building a project, it’s crucial to approach it in… Read more

What we love about virtual meeting spaces should be fairly obvious: They allow us to gather a lot of people into one “place” despite geographic distance and/or lockdown restrictions. They give us a way to stay connected in an increasingly fragmented “workplace.” They help us work together and stay productive. The tech of keeping people… Read more

Floating in the clouds is no longer an adage as storing data backup in the cloud has been a norm since 2018. Cloud storage enables the customers to keep their backup data safe without depending on the huge server rooms. They rest assured their data would go nowhere no matter what natural calamity hits the… Read more

Most businesses blame the pandemic for the slow market. However, there are businesses that face the same change and problems but have found the steps for negotiating successful business deals. They don’t negotiate with resignation but with determination. They know that to negotiate a business deal, there will be certain techniques to know to come… Read more

As of 2021, 15 states in the USA have legalized marijuana for recreational use. In another 20 states, it is legal purely for medical use. The rest either have more complex laws or still deem it illegal. This trend represents a shift in the global attitudes towards medical marijuana, with the idea of legalization being… Read more

With the episodic audio series gaining a lot of traction from the target audience, podcasts are becoming the best way to democratize the way people share their thoughts with the world. The rise in the use of podcasts can be traced to content diversity and its simplicity to use. You don’t need a fancy studio… Read more

The U.S. has the highest health expenditure in the world, as everyone already knows. While it’s true that wealthy countries tend to spend more on health care and associated costs, we spend a lot more than comparable countries. For instance, in 2019, The U.S. spent $10,966 per person. In the same year, Switzerland, the country… Read more

As technology is becoming a more integral part of all workplaces, there’s a digital health dilemma everybody is wondering about: is technology making employees more ill, or is it improving their health? This article explores the ways technology is both good news and bad news for today’s workers’ health.  Today’s entrepreneurial world finds itself in… Read more

Foam tape is arguably one of the most innovative inventions of our time. It makes repairs less complicated and expensive while providing a lasting solution in various circumstances. Foam tape comes in different types, and the easiest way to distinguish them is by examining their density, thickness, adhesive type, and cell structure. Choosing suitable foam… Read more

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