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The IEEE (PI)2 Austin Newsletter is a monthly publication of the Austin Chapters of the
Power & Energy, Power Electronics, Industrial Applications, Industrial Electronics, and Product Safety Engineering Societies.

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Our meetings are open to the public and held In-Person Only on the 4th Tuesday of every month from January through October.


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Recent Events

On November 13, 2023, IEEE (PI)2 Austin hosted a Technical Meeting, presented by Dr. Sukumar Kamallasadan on the topic: Can Modern Power System Achieve 100% Renewable Energy?

Dr. Sukumar Kamalasadan, Professor and Distinguished Scholar of electric power engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) and the Director of power energy and intelligent systems lab (PEISL)

The presentation focused on the challenges and opportunities of integrating renewable energy resources (RERs) into the power grid, especially if and when can the modern power grid achieve 100% RER integration. First, Dr. Kamalasadan discussed the status of the RER-integrated power system implementations in various parts of the US is discussed, followed by examples of the  major challenges in the design and operation of 100%
RER-based electric power systems are illustrated. Further, the problems associated with maintaining the stability of the grid while integrating RERs, especially the angular, voltage, and frequency stability during normal operation, outages, and restoration phases will be addressed. Key issues are short circuit analysis and protection coordination, black start restoration, grid resilience, reliability, and electric vehicle integration will be some other key points of discussion. The talk followed with a review of the major mitigation methods to circumvent some of the challenges to achieve a 100% RER-integrated electric grid are discussed, such as local control, system-wide mitigation measures, network strengthening requirements, and the addition of grid support resources such as battery energy sources. The talk concluded by defining the critical areas that require immediate attention for the enhancement of the grid to achieve 100% RER integration.

About the Speaker:

Sukumar Kamalasadan is a Professor and Distinguished Scholar of electric power engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) and the Director of power energy and intelligent systems lab (PEISL) within the Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) at UNCC. He received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toledo, OH in 2004. His
research interests include inverter-based resources modeling and integration, data-driven approaches to power grid modernization, smart grid, microgrid, power system operation and optimization, and power system dynamics, stability, and control. Prof. Kamalasadan’s research for the last 20 years has resulted in tools and methods that have a high-level impact on electric utility modernization
with a fleet-wide deployment of his tools that enabled modern grid management and control towards 100% integration of renewable energy. His research work has secured more than $12M in grants and contracts notably from the US Department of Energy, National Science Foundation (NSF), Siemens Energy, Duke Energy Corporation, Schweitzer Engineering Lab, and several other industries. He is the chief architect of Duke Energy Smart Grid Laboratory at UNCC, a $5M facility. Prof. Kamalasadan has co-authored more than 250 refereed journal and conference articles and has received several awards from IEEE and NSF including the National Science Foundation CAREER award. He has delivered more than 100 talks in the form of tutorials, keynotes, panels, and webinars/workshops at various international IEEE conferences.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and Talk


Once again, the IEEE PI2 Chapter closed out the year with a December 10th Volunteer Appreciation dinner for about 25 volunteers and plus-ones, with guest speaker Romeo Denghel, a software engineer. We enjoyed a delicious meal and dessert prepared by Chef Robert in the dining room of the Scottish Rite Theater in Austin. Who knew that an engineer could be so funny! Wine and other beverages were provided by the guests. We learned a lot about Romeo’s background and he had the entire group in stitches with his dry wit. Thank you to all for all you do!





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UT Energy Symposium:  https://energy.utexas.edu/education/energy-symposium