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IEEE (PI)2 Austin successfully transitioned to virtual meetings in 2020, including a free workshop in 2020.  With a vaccine in sight, we are planning for the eventual return to in-person meetings in 2021. 

IEEE (PI)2 Austin presents opportunities for on-line technical presentations, many with PDH,  here on our website, and in our Newsletter, and Facebook and LinkedIn pages. 

Upcoming  Events:

January 27, 2021 6:30 – 7:45 pm Central
IEEE (PI)2 Austin Technical Meeting 

Quality Assurance of Transformers”

Speaker: Ronnie Minhaz of Transformer Consulting Services, Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada


The manufacturing of Transformer is integrated to global supply chain. With the improvement of technology, the design and manufacturing of transformer can be more aggressive such as reduce clearance and use of pure mineral oil during FAT to ensure the passing of tests during FAT. Clean room and environmental condition can be compromised during the manufacturing process which can have impact in the life expectancy of transformer. This presentation will walk through the quality assurance of transformer during the manufacturing of transformer.

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Ronnie Minhaz received his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Manitoba, Canada. Before founding his own company “Transformer Consulting Services Inc. (http://www.tc-servicesinc.com), Ronnie worked as Transformer Designer at Pauwels Canada (Manufacturer), as Equipment Engineer at SNC Lava Lin(EPCM) and Enmax Power(Utility), as Substation Lead Engineer at McGregor Construction(Substation Construction). Ronnie has the experience of performing Quality Assurance inspections in Transformer Manufacturing plants around the world. Besides providing services on Transformer as consultant, Ronnie has been instructor in training, workshop, conferences and seminars related to transformer around the world.

Ronnie is a registered professional engineer in the province of Alberta, Canada and an IEEE Senior member. He held various leadership positions at IEEE Section level and a regular member of IEEE PES society. He is a member of several working groups and task forces in the IEEE Transformers Committee.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2021 is fully virtual. See more here: CES 2021 Trends


January 19th, 6.00 pm Central: CTS LMAG And CTCN Meeting – What’s the Deep Reality beneath Quantum Computing?

register here: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/252756


Year End 2020  Events:

IEEE (PI)2 Austin and Central Texas Section Special Volunteers and Members Event
Sunday, December 6, 2020 5:45 pm

The Section and Joint Chapter sponsored  virtual appreciation event for their hard-working volunteers! With a small in-person attendance dinner attendance at Cover 3, and more virtual attendees with dinner at home, Don McMillan, a Silicon Valley Engineer turned comedian, delivered a very funny program prepare especially for our groups. A good time was had by all!

Venu                            Don

Ringleader Larry Larson        Guests!

Tomoko Hetherington          More guests!

Don McMillan worked for 15 years as a chip designer and engineer at AT&T Bell Labs, IBM, and VLSI Technology. Then in 1996, Don quit his job to become a stand-up comedian. That year he won $100,000 as the Comedy Grand Champion on “Star Search”. Don’s been seen on “The Tonight Show”, “HBO”, and the “Comedy Central”. These days, Don spends most of his time writing and performing customized corporate comedy shows for companies like Google, Apple, IBM, Ford Motors, Exxon/Mobil, and Mastercard. Don has performed more than 800 corporate shows in the last 20 years and he was named the #1 Corporate Comedian by the CBS Business Network.

October 27th: Grid Transformation with Solid State Transformers
Speaker: Iqbal Husain, PhD, Director, FREEDM Systems Center & ABB Distinguished Professor of Electric & Computer Engineering at NCSU

Our final 2020 virtual Technical Meeting was held with Dr Husain from the FREEDM Systems Center at North Carolina State University  where engineers are developing solid-state transformers that promise to make the electrical grid more reliable and also to facilitate renewable energy such as wind and solar. 

Dr Husain described how transformers are entering the world of electronics because they are becoming more powerful and smaller all the time.

The Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Systems Center recently conducted a study using computer models to find that smart solid-state transformers (SSTs) could be used to create a stable, reliable smart electrical grid. This could go a long way in not only increasing the reliability of the grid but also enabling solar and wind energy to function smoothly on our grid. Dr. Husain described the various types of electronics that are being used with transformer to maintain their power transformation capabilities, while also providing protection, harmonics removal, accommodation of both AC and DC loads and energy sources, and bi-directional power flow. Using a high-side rectifier to convert AC to DC, followed by a half bridge DC-DC converter, and a DC/AC inverter, with parallel capacitors between the components, these solid state components can provide access to bidirectional power for both DC and AC needs. Challenges exist, including developing appropriate gate drivers, extending the service live of the components, as well as power supply capacitances and high common-mode coupling currents. 

Dr. Iqbal Husain joined the ECE department at North Carolina State University as a Distinguished Professor after serving as a faculty member at the University of Akron, Ohio for seventeen years. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX in 1993.

Dr. Husain’s research interests are in the areas of control and modeling of electrical drives, design of electric machines, development of power conditioning circuits, microinverters for distributed power generation, inverter controls for grid synchronization, and modeling of electric and hybrid vehicle systems. He has worked extensively on the development of SR and PM motor drives for various automotive and industrial applications. The research contributions on electric machines are in the areas of design optimizations, sensor-less and high-performance controls, acoustic noise prediction, and parameter identification methods. The primary application of Dr. Husain’s work is in the transportation, automotive, and aerospace industries. As a result of this exposure, Dr. Husain has developed courses for graduate and undergraduate education in electric and hybrid vehicles, and published the textbook Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Design Fundamentals.



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Quality Assurance of Transformers

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Tue 26

Quality Assurance of Transformers

January 26 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm CST
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