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2022 Upcoming Presenters

Virtual Meeting

IEEE Denver Computer, Information Theory, and Robotics Society
– Technical Meeting

13 October 2022 @ 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM MDT

Denver IEEE Computer Society Guest Lecturer

Dr. Stephan GeraliDr. Stephan Gerali


  • Denver IEEE Computer Society Guest Lecturer
  • Chief Software Architect and Engineer
  • Lockheed Martin Fellow

Dr. Stephan Gerali has his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado and his MBA from Colorado State University, and is certified in Java, BEA WebLogic, Six Sigma and Secure Software Engineering. Dr. Gerali is a Lockheed Martin Fellow specializing in Software Architecture / Software Engineering with more than 24 years of experience working on large-scale distributed systems. Currently, Stephan is the Chief Architect for the Chief Data & Analytics Office for the Lockheed Martin Enterprise business area specializing in its digital transformation journey with data.

Within Lockheed Martin, Dr. Gerali has supported IS&GS (Information Systems & Global Solutions) in Army (All Source Analysis System and Future Combat System), USSTRATCOM (Strategic Threat Analysis Reporting System) and Air Force (Single Integrated Space Picture) command and control systems, and within EIT (Enterprise IT) has supported LMPeople, LMCareers, Performance Based Logistics, University Relations Recruiter’s Network, Center for Leadership Excellence, Non-Employee Access Tracking, Infrastructure Health Management, Event Correlation & Analysis, Enterprise Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence, Digital Tapestry and Model Based Engineering.

Presentation: IoT for Defense and National Security


IoT for Defense and National Security covers topics on IoT security, architecture, robotics, sensing, policy, operations, and more, presenting the latest results from the U.S. Army’s Internet of Battle Things and the U.S. Defense Department’s premier IoT research initiative. The presentation discusses organizational challenges in converting defense industrial operations to IoT and summarizes policy challenges and recommendations for controlling government use of IoT in free societies. As a modern reference, this presentation covers multiple technologies in IoT solution deployment that include KepServerEX for edge connectivity to industrial protocols, AWS IoT Core for IoT data processing, Amazon S3 for scalable storage of IoT Data, and more. To aid in reader comprehension, the text uses case studies illustrating the challenges and solutions for using robotic devices in defense applications, plus case studies on using IoT for a defense industrial base. Content developed by leading researchers and practitioners of IoT technology for defense and national security, IoT for Defense and National Security also includes information on:

  • IoT resource allocation via mixed discrete/continuous optimization (monitoring existing resources and reallocating them in response to adversarial actions)
  • principles of robust learning and inference for Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBTs), covering methodologies to make machine learning models provably robust
  • AI-enabled processing of environmental sounds in commercial and defense environments, such as detecting faults in industrial manufacturing
  • vulnerabilities in tactical IoT systems that come about due to the intrinsic nature of building networks using several devices and components

For application engineers from security and defense-related companies and professors and students in military courses, IoT for Defense and National Security is a one-of-a-kind resource of the topic, providing expansive coverage of an important yet sensitive topic that is often shielded from the public due to classified or restricted distributions.

Location: Virtual

Invited: IEEE members, guests, students, walk-ins are welcome.
Cost: Free

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