2016 IEEE Houston Section Elevated Senior Members

Congratulations to our 2016 Houston Section Raised Senior MembersIEEE Houston Section 2016 Elevated Senior MembersJoin me in congratulating our 2016 Houston Section elevated Senior Members. Senior Membership grade is held by only eight percent of IEEE’s approximately 416,000 members. Realization of this grade requires extensive experience and reflects professional maturity and documented achievements of significance.

Congratulations to all on this significant accomplishment!

Last Name First Name Middle Initial IEEE Current Grade Description IEEE Current Grade Start Date
Yu Peng Senior Member 11/30/2016
Ray Alexander Cody Senior Member 11/30/2016
Nanney James Senior Member 11/29/2016
Sanderson Christopher B Senior Member 11/28/2016
Rao Arvind Senior Member 09/16/2016
Yin Bei Senior Member 09/16/2016
Do Carmo Hyder J Senior Member 07/27/2016
Shipman Frank Senior Member 07/27/2016
Anderson Richard P Senior Member 07/01/2016
Clement Greg J Senior Member 06/28/2016
Entesari Kamran Senior Member 05/25/2016
Shih Wei-Chuan Senior Member 05/25/2016
Pieve-Salazar Carolina D Senior Member 05/25/2016
Swope Mark A Senior Member 04/28/2016
Sprintson Alexander Senior Member 04/28/2016
Chaganti Mythili Senior Member 04/28/2016
Mallard George P Senior Member 04/27/2016
Kurt Nur Senior Member 03/31/2016
Gratz Paul V Senior Member 03/30/2016
Bhardwaj Manish Senior Member 03/30/2016
Monteiro Othon Senior Member 03/30/2016
Alvarez Marcelo Senior Member 02/25/2016
Wilson Glenn Andrew Senior Member 02/19/2016
Koola Paul M Senior Member 02/18/2016
Alhadad Mustafa Senior Member 02/18/2016
Fang Haijun Senior Member 02/17/2016
Xie Le Senior Member 02/17/2016

a Ph.D. is equivalent to five years of practice, or an M.S. to four years, or a B.S. to three years.

To be eligible for application: “…a candidate shall be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive or originator in IEEE-designated fields. The candidate must have experience reflecting professional maturity, shall have been in professional practice for at least ten years, and shall have shown ‘significant performance’ over a period of at least five of their years in professional practice.”

Benefits of Senior Membership include professional recognition, engraved Senior Member plaque, U.S. $25 coupon that can be used to join one new IEEE Society, letter of commendation to your employer, eligibility to hold executive IEEE volunteer positions, and ability to refer other candidates for Senior Membership.

If you meet the qualifications, we can support you in seeking Senior Membership. Best of all, there is no additional fee to apply if you currently hold IEEE Member grade.

The process is simple:

• Fill out the application form.

• Three references from Senior or Fellow grade members are required.

• If you are nominated by a Section, Society or Affinity Group, only two references are required.

• It is understood that it may be difficult for some candidates to find references. However, we can help you. Provide us with a recent CV or resume and your application.

We can then write a nomination letter from the Section. • We have gathered a list of Senior and Fellow members who are willing, based on your documents, and possibly emails and phone calls, to provide you a reference.


Visit the IEEE Houston Section Senior Membership page for additional information about Senior Membership.

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