IEEE CED Seminar: Advance Synchronous Generator Topics

Advance Synchronous Generator Topics sponsored by the IEEE CED Committee.

What a way to start the new year off to a success by attending the IEEE CED Seminar on Advance Synchronous Generator Topics. A fantastic presentation that held the interest of more than 50 attendees. Zach’s BBQ is always a favorite but I digress from the real reason to attend IEEE CED Seminars. This seminar provided an in depth exploration of the assorted range of synchronous generator related topics with regards to theory, application, sizing, specifying and interaction with other systems: Calculation of arc-flash energy for synchronous generators, common questions for specifying generators, leading power factor load & reactive capability, sizing for UPS loads, Park’s equations & generator system models, IEEE Std. 519 and harmonics, grid codes & cogen applications, exciter response ratio & excitation system models, understanding short circuit decrement curves, synchronization and paralleling, induction vs. synchronous motors and the various starting methods’ effect on generator sizing.

The purpose of IEEE Houston Section Continuing Education on Demand is to provide modern practical industrial power application topics that supplement the daily work activities of the practicing graduate electrical engineer. The seminars are intended to stimulate further study and discussion for learning continuance throughout the working career. Topics apply to electrical power systems as relates to oil and gas, petro-chem, co-gen, marine offshore, etc. Instructors are application engineers, manufacturing specialists and expert consultants who provide a blend of diverse engineering perspectives.

Advance Synchronization Generator Topics Advance Synchronization Generator Topics

Registered attendees receive a Certificate of Accomplishment and 5 PDH’s that can be used towards their professional licenses or certifications.

For additional information about upcoming IEEE CED Seminars contact the Registration Committee member Nick Nichols or John Saddler. We look forward to seeing you at our next seminar C37.20.7 New Arc Resistant Standards in a couple of weeks.

Special thanks to our Industry Subject Matter Experts James Nanney, Nidec Industrial Solutions and Allen Windhor , Kato Engineering.


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