IEEE HOU Sec and Eaton Scholarship Signature Wall – OTC Challenge

On April 30, 2018 at the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), the IEEE HOU Sec and Eaton collaborated for a new IEEE HOU Sec Scholarship Challenge initiative.

As part of their Community Outreach participation at OTC, Eaton sponsored a “Scholarship Signature Wall” at their booth (#4838) designated for a selected scholarship/charity. This year IEEE Houston Section was the designated partner with at OTC. For each signature received, Eaton contributed to the IEEE HOU Sec Scholarship (targeted at both high school/ college level students).

IEEE Members from around the world visiting OTC participated in the Signature Wall Challenge.

Special thanks to the following:

  • Eaton Corp. @ETN_Electrical 
    Robert W. Courcy, VP Sales Oil & Gas Solutions
    Jill Nelson, Director Oil & Gas Director
    Kristin C. Somers, Oil & Gas Marketing
  • IEEE-OES (Ocean Engineering Society) for their support and their encouragement of visitors to the IEEE-OES
  • CB Sanderson, HOU Sec. Vice-Chair and R5 South Area Chair; for all of your help with capturing our commitment in meeting the challenge.

Article written by Newsletter Chairperson: Payal MajumdarLet us know if you would like to be part of the newsletter team capturing events and sharing our stories.

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