IEEE R5 South Area Student Branch A Day of Innovation at Eaton with Jalyn Kelly

On Friday, October 20, 2023, the IEEE R5 Houston Section had the privilege to partner on an unforgettable IEEE event at Eaton Power Experience Center, and I’m thrilled to share some highlights.

Eaton played host to some of the brightest minds and IEEE R5 South Area Student Branches which are innovators in their perspective fields. This event was an incredible fusion of knowledge, inspiration, and collaboration.

A Glimpse into the Day:

Expert Panel Discussions: Some of the foremost experts in electrical engineering, power management, and automation shared their insights on current trends, emerging technologies, and the future of our industry. Their wisdom was truly invaluable, especially, Jalyn Kelley IEEE University Partnership Program (UPP),  Christopher Sanderson SMIEEE, South Area Chair, and Andrew Gusev, District Application Engineer at Eaton

Innovation Showcases: Attendees were treated to hands-on demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies solutions and innovative products that are poised to reshape the landscape of our industry.

Tech Talks: The event featured thought-provoking technical electrical sessions that delved deep into the world of power systems, sustainable solutions, and digital transformation. It was a day of learning.

Networking Opportunities: The event was also a fantastic platform for networking, with fellow IEEE Student Branches members and discussing Best Practices.

Key Takeaways:
1️⃣ Innovation is the driving force behind our industry’s growth.
2️⃣ Collaboration is key – together, we can achieve remarkable feats.
3️⃣ Stay informed, stay ahead – keep learning and adapting.

Thank You: To the speakers Jalyn Kelley, Christopher Sanderson SMIEEE, SMASQ, Andrew Gusev, attendees, and the entire Eaton Power Experience Center team for making this day so special.
















Article Source: LinkedIn

Article submitted by: Christopher Sanderson, SMIEEEIEEE-HKN Board of Governor, Region 5-6 2021-2023, R5 Director-Elect 2024 – 2025



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