Article: 5 Technologies Impacting Sustainability In Energy

The following article is being shared from our 2022 GreenTech Conference partner IEEE. A number of energy corporations and utility providers are stepping up their commitments to sustainability and lowering carbon emissions. There is a plethora of technology that will be used to complete these tasks. Oil and gas majors are leaning more and more to diversify… Read more

Article: Seeing Green

The following article is being shared from our 2022 GreenTech Conference partner IEEE.  The bioengineering field is growing rapidly everyday. In a world that relies heavily on biological advancements in healthcare and research, there are risks that develop. Some methods can be harsh on the environment. Because of this it is important to have methods… Read more

2018 IEEE Region 5 Conference and Student Competition

Join us April 6-8, 2018 at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center in Austin, TX for great workshops and student competitions. Students are welcomed to show off their skills and hard work at the 2018 IEEE Region 5 Student Competition after the GreenTech Conference in Austin! Competitions include Circuit Design, Student Ethics, Robotics, and Student Papers.  All competitions… Read more