Society Chapters and Affinity Groups

Society / Affinity Group Contact
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Dr Heena Rathore
Power and Energy Society Jennifer Henriquez
Chapter Website
Technology Engineering Management Society / Industrial Electronics Society Ryan Lamm
Computer Society James Brakefield
Joint Communications & Signal Processing Society Scott Atkinson
Joint Systems, Man & Cybernetics / Aerospace and Electronic Systems Garrett Hall
Chapter Website
Robotics and Automation Society Ernest Franke
Chapter Website
Life Members Affinity Group Scott Atkinson
Chapter Website
Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group Debora Collins
Young Professionals Affinity Group Patrick Stockton

Student Branches

School Contact
University of Texas at San Antonio Student Branch
IEEE UTSA Power and Energy Society Student Branch
IEEE UTSA EMBS Engineering Medicine and Biology Society Student Branch
IEEE UTSA Robotics and Automation Student Branch Aaron Moreno
IEEE UTSA UFFC Student Branch Brandon Young
HKN Kappa Upsion
UIW Student Branch
Trinity Student Branch
St. Mary’s Student Branch Wenbin Luo – Counselor
Raul-De-Jesus Huerta – Chair