Interested in helping grow the next generation of engineers?  We have robotics/electronics teams all over NWA that could use your expertise!  Here are just a few of the opportunities around the region for members to get involved.  Contact if you’d like to help with any of these teams, to post your team here, or have IEEE visit your robotics club this fall!


Elkins Electronics/Robotics Club

  • Ozark IEEE sponsored and helped start this group just last year and are kicking off the spring with the build of our new electronics project
  • Members: Highschool/middle school
  • Meeting:  Meeting Wednesdays at the Elkins Public Library (5pm)

The Ozark IEEE sponsored group just secured $600 in donations for computers and hardware!

Special thanks to Sangster Insurance and SG Integral Technologies, Inc. for their donations!

The team is building a smart-lighting system for a local RV park from the ground up.  Meetings resume this spring on Jan. 9th.



Springdale 8373 Diva Force; Community Robotics Team

  • League: FIRST Tech Challenge(FTC)
  • Members: 6 members in grades 8-11, all girls
  • Meetings: Sunday 2-7 & Thursdays 4-7  at 19352 Hilton Rd. Springdale.

Springdale First Robotics

We can always use mentors to help our local robotics teams.  The First Lego and First Tech Challenge are nearing the state championships phase of their season.  The First Robotics Competition (FRC)  just kicked off their season on January 5th and could really use help.  They will be building for 6 weeks and start competitions the last weekend of February.  The World Competitions for these three leagues are all held together in late April.

The best way to check us out is to stop by one of our events and see what is happening for yourself!

The final Arkansas First Tech Challenge qualifier is in Hot Springs, January 12th at the National Park College Gymnasium Complex.  Teams will be competing for the last few remaining spots to the state championship.

Arkansas First Lego League State Championship is Friday and Saturday, January 18th & 19th at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Student Union.

Arkansas First Tech Challenge State Championship is on February 8th & 9th at Central Junior High in Springdale.

Check out the 2019 FRC Challenge Video .  There are several local FRC teams, so if you are interested in mentoring, contact and we can connect you with a team that needs your help.  You can also go to for more information.

Springdale 13492 Controlled Chaos; Community Robotics Team

  • League: FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) & VEX Challenge
  • Members: 10 members in grades 7-11, 4 girls, 6 boys
  • Meetings: Fridays 4-7 at TASC (Emma St in Springdale)

Springdale 7209 Tech Hogs

  • League: FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)
  • Members: 10 members in grades 9-12, 8 boys, 2 girls

Meetings: Sunday 3-8 & Wednesdays 6-8 at TASC

Haas Hall FIRST Robotics

The 2018-2019 First Robotics build season shifted into high gear at design kick-off meeting at the Team 5006 club house.  Shown below is high school junior and competition veteran Matt Nailer capturing design ideas on the white board with team members and mentors. The team discussed various ideas and considered each concept for its size, weight, complexity, durability, power consumption, cost, and ease of repair during the competition season.

Team 5006’s lead mentor, Rudy Timmerman of RCal Products, has created and nurtured an engineering culture within the club where high school juniors and seniors mentor freshmen and sophomores.  In the Team 5006 culture, the only stupid question is the question never asked, creating a well spring of institutional knowledge within its members. Many 5006 club members who have gone on to pursue science and engineering degrees at the University of Arkansas return as mentors as well, creating 5006 legacy that spans high school, college, and career experiences.

If that weren’t enough, Team 5006 volunteers to coach and referee First Robotics Lego competitions for primary and secondary school children to help them experience the joy solving problems, which is the most oft overlooked benefit of the STEM career path.


Siloam Springs FIRST Lego League

Ben Trout, a Sophomore engineering major at JBU and member of the JBU IEEE student branch, has been reaching out to junior high students around the Siloam Springs community through FIRST Lego League. In his community involvement, he has received funding by local businesses and donations to support his project and continue developing interest in STEM through teamwork and competition.  His efforts were recently featured in the Siloam Springs Herald:

Home School/Girl Scouts Outreach

Our Vice Chair, Silke Spiesshoefer, co-hosted an event with the Haus Hall robotics team last October.

This event included Girl Scouts from around NWA. If you have a group you’d like us to meet/arrange an event, please contact Silke for more information: