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Himalayan Taj Restaurant, 1425 NASA Rd 1, Houston, Texas, United States, 77058

GBS AND GBS LM-AG HOSTING A RECEPTION AND DINNER EVENT FOR MEMBERS IN CELEBRATION OG GBS RECEIVING 2021 MGA OUTSTANDING SECTION AWARD. Expecting R5 Director-Elect, Dr. Matt Francis, and past section officers to attend Speaker(s): Matt, ***CANCELED*** Himalayan Taj Restaurant, 1425 NASA Rd 1, Houston, Texas, United States, 77058

VDL – Connecting Space Assets to the Internet: Challenges and Solutions


Data communications between Earth and devices on spacecraft, such as satellites, have traditionally been carried out through dedicated links. Shared links using Internet Protocol-based communication offers a number of advantages over dedicated links. The movement of devices on spacecrafts however gives rise to mobility management issues. This talk will discuss various mobility management solutions for extending the Internet connection to devices on the spacecraft. The talk will provide an overview of the network layer based solution being developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force and compare it with the transport layer-based solution that has been developed at the University of Oklahoma in conjunction with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Network in motion is an extension of the host mobility protocols for managing the mobility of networks which are in motion, such as those in airplanes and trains. The application of networks in motion will be illustrated for terrestrial and space environments. Speaker(s): Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Ph.D, Virtual:

Data-Driven Intelligent Approach for Condition Monitoring of HVAC/ACMV System


Available online health monitoring systems (HMS) using mechanical signals such as vibration & temperature for commercial air-conditioning (HVAC/ACMV) systems detect some of the critical faults only at high severity levels resulting in higher operation and maintenance costs. Moreover, multiple monitoring systems are required one for each single component at the sub-system level further decreasing affordability. Our aim is to develop a unique, single hybrid scheme involving both feature extraction and classification using electrical signals-based holistic HMS for various types of critical faults of an HVAC/ACMV and its associated component. The developed approach is capable of detecting anomalies at an early stage and provides efficient condition monitoring and predictive maintenance (PdM) scheduling in advance using mostly electrical signals in a non-intrusive way. Speaker(s): Dr. Hasmat Malik, Virtual: