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“Artificial Intelligence: A Cursory Look”


Artificial intelligence as a concept has been around for a long time, but recently research and application as well as its presence in the media has risen exponentially. Less noticeable, the impact on our activities has grown just as fast. Every time we deal with commercial, financial, government or we engage in web-based activities there is a good chance that we come in contact with AI or its products. AI has developed its own language to describe the many forms it takes. Today, we will take a non-technical look at AI history, the terminology used to describe its many incarnations, the positive and negative impacts, and the concerns by industry and government with developing guardrails and processes to reap the benefits while limiting the downside. Speaker(s): MOURO, Virtual:

“AI-enabled Smart Grid Communications and Smart Cities ”


In the past decades, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have enabled the modernization of the power grid and have led to many advances in smart grid technologies, as well as smart cities. Smart grid communications facilitate a large number of grid operations, including advanced metering, fault monitoring, microgrid control, transactive energy systems, and so on. In parallel with advances in smart grids, communication technologies have been continuously evolving to provide better service to mobile users and vertical industries. Recently, machine learning has shown promising performance improvements in communication networks; benefiting many verticals around smart cities. In this talk, we introduce novel AI-based tools that will allow a P2P energy trading platform, consisting of microgrids, to become a part of the future transactive energy systems. The energy trading platform relies on robust smart grid communications. We will show our recent results on low-latency communications that use reinforcement learning to support communication needs of such energy trading platforms. Speaker(s): MEL, Virtual:

Colloquium: ComSoc History and Evolution of Communication


Colloquium: ComSoc History and Evolution of Communication Saturday, Dec 9th, 9:00 AM-2:00 PM US-CST An Online Complimentary Event of Galveston Bay Section and R5 History Committee Registration ( on Vtools ) required to attend AGENDA: 9:00 AM: Welcome: Dr. Zafar Taqvi-IEEE Region 5 History Chair Welcome: Bob Becnel-IEEE Region 5 Director IEEE ComSoc History Committee Briefing: Dr Kit August, V/C ComSoc History Committee Presentations: 1- History of ComSoc: Gunther Karger, Past Chair IEEE Canaveral Section(sole living founder of IEEE ComSoc), Author, speaker, Cyber Columnist and Aerospace Engineer 2- Information Theory, Coding and its Contribution to IT: Dr. Mathini Sellathurai, IEEE Fellow -Prof & Dean Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, U.K 3- Evolution of Turning Wireless Communication to Sensing: Dr. Yingying (Jennifer) Chen, IEEE Fellow- Department Chair and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Peter D. Cherasia Faculty Scholar at Rutgers University 4- Women Pioneers in Telecommunications: Jill Tietjen, PE, Fellow SWE, and Margaret J. Lyons, P.E., Fellow SWE, Technically Speaking, Inc., Colorado 5- Digitization of Audio and Video: Dr. Victor B. Lawrence, IEEE Fellow, Inventor/Researcher, Bell Labs / Stevens Institute of Technology 6- History of the COMSOC Flagship Conferences: Tim Weil, SO 27001 CSMA Auditor, Trainer SecurityFeeds LL, Colorado 2:00 PM: Thanks from NAR Team: Fawzi Behmann, Director ComSoc/North American Region Speaker(s): GUNTHER, MATHINI, JENNIFER, , Victor, Tim, KIT, Virtual: