2017 IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VoLT)

Call for participation: 2017 IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VoLT)

The MGA Training Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VoLT) for this year. The program enters its fourth successful year of implementation with >120 graduates representing all IEEE geographic Regions.

VoLT is targeted to volunteers who have a true desire to learn about the broader IEEE and are considering taking leadership positions within their local units and future IEEE committee roles. Those who have 2+ years of experience volunteering in their local units and have not held a Section Chair position are highly encouraged to participate. The program runs as follows:

Track 1 – All IEEE volunteers are invited to participate in Track 1, which covers the core organizational units of IEEE and focuses on the foundation knowledge of the organization. These pre-requisite courses will be available to all IEEE volunteers through the newly redesigned IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) web site from 23 May through 19 June 2017. Participants will be asked to complete a short quiz at the end of each session.

Track 2 – Volunteers who complete Track 1 above can apply for consideration for Track 2 of the program, which is planned to start in September 2017. Track 2 will last about three months and consists of weekly live webinars focused on leadership related topics. Participation in Track 2 will be determined by the MGA Training Committee based on predefined criteria.

On 23 May, Access Track 1 courses (Log in with your IEEE account and click on the “VoLT Program” icon to begin) – Participants who complete the courses before 23 May or after 19 June, will not be eligible to apply for Track 2 of the program.

Important Note about 2016 VoLT: Participants who completed (or started to complete) Track 1 in CLE after the June 2016 deadline and before the start of Track 2 on September 2016, are welcome to take the 2017 Track 1 sessions. Please note that most of the materials have been updated.
For questions, contact VOLT staff <volt@ieee.org>.

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