2021 IEEE HKN Panel Discussion: How to encourage Diversity and Outreach in a Professional Organization

On Thursday, April 1st 2021 the IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) Kappa Sigma chapter and GWISE will facilitate a panel discussion How to encourage Diversity and Outreach in a Professional OrganizationSponsored by Boston University HKN Student Branch.

The program is  designed to engage with many communities to discuss the need for diversity in STEM, practice allyship and explore the journey of many inspiring engineers through talks, workshops and panels.

Event Mission Statement:

This one day seminar and workshop series, we will showcase a diverse group of faculty from academia to provide role models for both graduate and undergraduate students in STEM and celebrate their accomplishments and commitment to inclusion & outreach. Through this, we intend to promote diverse practices at our university, practice ally ship, and provide a space to listen to the varied experiences intersectionality brings.


Panel Theme:

Over the approximately 40 guided conversation, the moderator and panelists shall discuss the roles diversity and outreach play in developing IEEE/IEEE-HKN as global organizations and how these initiatives encourage an inclusive society of engineers targeted at building a stronger global and local community. We will discuss with each panelist to bring attention to unique facets or our organization that drives our growth and societal reach on different scales.

“I was asked to share some of my thoughts on the importance of diversity in practice. Let me fore warn you that I’m dating my feelings and memories of diversity in practice,” says Christopher Sanderson, IEEE-HKN Board of Region ants Representative R5 & R6


Article by Vincent Palughi

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