IEEE R5 Galveston Section Workshop: STEM Engineers In Real Life (IRL) – Who Moved My Cheese?

Students are often encouraged to go into engineering, but what is it that engineers do?

There is no one quick answer because it depends not only on what type of engineer you become but also what industry you work in. To really appreciate the scope of the things engineers do, it’s best to see them.” I was recently asked to participate in an STEM Engineering Career Fair on Saturday, March 6th by fellow IEEE colleague Michelle Patrick.  The career fair is meant to help students throughout the Houston/Galveston area learn a little bit more about what it means to be an engineer and the variety of job choices that are available. The program has partnered with Clear Creek School District and 50+ Companies and Universities to show students the wide variety of careers available under the umbrella of “Engineer“.

In the past 5 years the program has grown to over 1000% with 1,400 guests and 160 engineers from last years event. This years the program will be virtual and facilitated in a Virtual Reality (VR) program space. Not sure how I will look participating via VR, but I’ve already asked for my profile to reflect the actor Denzel Washington. Watch out Hollywood and IEEE here comes another game changer making a difference and Advancing Technology for Humanity.

My VR classroom session will be “Who Moved My Cheese?”  by the late Dr. Spencer Johnson

Its not surprising to learn that during these challenging times of Coronavirus that we as fellow Humanitarians and Engineers have had learn to adjust (change) to a new normal. We are constantly dealing with unexpected changes in our lives, be it in our career or relationship, among other things. It’s especially hard to move on to a new path when we are already settled with our present situation. If you haven’t read the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” and “Out Of The Maze” then I highly recommend it.

I’ve had the opportunity to share this program in partnership with IEEE-USAIEEE Eta Kappa Nu Experience, and Prairie View A&M University College of Engineering & Technology and I’m even more excited to share this program journey with the Clear Creek High School PTSA and the students from around the Clear Lake and Galveston area.

Christopher is an IEEE STEM Thought Leader and US Army Veteran. During his time in the military he lived by the moto “Either I’m part of the Problem or the Solution to it” He’s been fortunate be part of some amazing organizations in the military, corporations and non-profits teams from around the world in helping them make better decisions and even braver actions to amplify their impact.



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Article submitted by: Christopher Sanderson, SMIEEEIEEE R5 South Area ChairHouston Section Chair, IEEE-HKN Board of Governor, Region 5-6 2021-2023, IEEE-USA Career & Professional Development Chair

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