PVAMU IEEE HKN Zeta Lambda Chapter 2018 Induction Ceremony

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 the Zeta Lambda Chapter at Prairie View A&M University has returned after an almost two-year hiatus. The return of Eta Kappa Nu at Prairie View A&M University was long but with the leadership of the incoming Executive Board, the future is bright.  With the help of their advisor, Dr. Suxia Cui, and selected President and Vice President, Kayla Robert and David Hooey, started their mission by selecting a solid Executive Board that would impark on this mission of bringing HKN honor society back to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at PVAMU.

The nomination for membership into HKN is not only academic achievements but a recommendation from Department Advisor. Candidates also show leadership potential, both while in school and in the course of their professional career.

Please join me in congratulating HKN Zeta Lambda Chapter 2018 Induction Nominees:

1. Bethany Alexander

2. David Alexander Jr.


3. Aaron Brown



4. Precious Effiong

5. Yohn Ellis

6. Rody Fwamba

7. David Gibson

8. Chari Guidry

9. David Hooey

10. Ashley Hunter


11. Rotimi Inyang


12. Jean-Paul Mirindi


13. Paul Murphy


14. Phuctritam (Casey) Nguyen

15. Kyleni Rivers

16. Kayla Robert

17. Joe Toole III

18. Uchechukwu Uboh


19. Brandon Vasquez


Congratulations again to the IEEE Eta Kappa Nu, Prairie View A&M University Zeta Lambda Chapter. Special thanks to our IEEE Region 5 South Area Chair CB Sanderson for supporting, guiding, and sharing his special IEEE insight.







Why should you join IEEE-HKN?

  1. Demonstrate academic accomplishment: be publicly recognized by the engineering industry for your exceptional academic accomplishment and strong character.
  2. Network with industry leaders: gain connections to IEEE-HKN’s network of members in leading roles within corporations, government, and universities.
  3. Access hiring opportunities: possess greater access to key positions in companies around the globe, as well as rapid career advancement by organizations actively seeking IEEE-HKN members.
  4. Establish long-term relationships: the relationships formed with IEEE-HKN members now can last for years as your friends become your professional colleagues.
  5. Receive advice and mentorship from professors: get to know many of your department’s faculty members as you interact with them during IEEE-HKN projects and by the service activities your chapter sponsors, as well as tutoring.
  6. Enhance your resume: your IEEE-HKN membership will stand out on your resume. Graduate schools understand the value of IEEE-HKN. Employers prefer to hire IEEE-HKN members because they know that an IEEE-HKN member has demonstrated leadership, as well as strong interpersonal and teamwork skills.
  7. Dedication to service: IEEE-HKN chapters and their members share their talents and skills with others to benefit their university, department, and communities.
  8. Develop professional skills: IEEE-HKN chapters and programs give you the opportunity to develop the vital professional skills most desired beyond technical knowledge. Creativity, the ability to communicate and work with others toward a common goal, is vital to the “complete engineer” reputation IEEE-HKN members enjoy.
  9. Expand leadership skills: as a member of the chapter leadership team, you develop your own leadership skills, experience at running an organization, financial management, and goal setting, all of which are marketable skills required for today’s competitive job market.


About IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu

Founded as Eta Kappa Nu in 1904 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, then changed to IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) following a merger with IEEE in 2010, IEEE-HKN is the academic honor society for those studying the IEEE fields of interest, including electrical and computer engineering.

IEEE-HKN annually inducts over 3,000 students, faculty and professionals and has more than 200,000 alumni. The Society has chapters at more than 230 colleges and universities in the United States and around the world. Membership for students is by invitation only to those that possess outstanding academic achievement, character and attitude.

IEEE-HKN’s mission is to be the catalyst for the development of the “Complete Technical Professional.” Notable members include co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Wozniak, “Father of the Internet” Vint Cerf, co-founder of Google Larry Page, and co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation Gordon Moore.

Article written by Chapter President: Kayla Robert.

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