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Society Chapters and Affinity Groups

Society / Affinity Group

CTS Contact

CH 05005 Communications/Signal Processing and Consumer Tech Joint Chapter CAS/SP/CT Austin – Chapter Home Page
Fawzi Behmann
CH05006 Computer/Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society Joint Chapter C/EMBS/ Austin Chapter Home Page 
Fawzi Behmann
CH05008 Electromagnetic Compatibility Chapter Jack McFadden
CH05009 Austin (PI)^2 Joint Chapter PES, IES, PELS, IAS and PSES Austin Chapter Home Page
Ruth Sulzer
CH05188 Circuits and Systems/Solid-State Circuits Joint Chapter CAS/SSC Chapter Home Page

Jaydeep Kulkarni

CH05202 Education Leslie Martinich
CH05220 Antennas & Propagation / Microwave Theory & Techniques Joint Chapter AP03/MTT17 Casey Latham
CH05225 Instrument & Measurement (IM09) Luis Cabeza (not active)
CH05230 IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation Kevin Nesmith
Chapter Home Page
CH05235 Technology & Engr Mgmt (TEM14) Leslie Martinich
CH05240 SEN39 Sensors Council (SEN39) Brent Lunceford
CH05250 Technology & Engr Mgmt (TEM14) (UT-Austin Grad Student Chapter) UT Austin TEMS Website

Rachel Rajarathnam

CH10136 Electron Devices Society Larry Larson
CN50005 Consultants Network Affinity Group Chapter Home page
Luis Basto
YP50005 IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group IEEE Young Professionals Home Page    Karina Paz
LM50005 Life Members Affinity Group CTS Life Members Website
Kai Wong
WE50005 Women in Engineering Affinity Group Leslie Martinich

Student Branches

School Contact
Texas State University Student Branch mailto:texasstateieee@gmail.comNick Garrard

Faculty Advisor:  Dr.Larry Larson

Texas State Student Branch CompE Chapter Jessie Smith

Faculty Advisor:  Dr.Larry Larson

UT Austin Student Branch Branch Home Page Brian Ding

Faculty advisor Dr. Nina Telang

UT Austin, SBC – Computer Society Nippani
UT Austin, SBC – Communications Society mailto:utieeecomsoc@gmail.comGustavo De Veciana (Advisor)

not active

UT Austin, SBC – Robotics & Automation Society Ian Krause
UT Austin, SBC – Power & Energy Society

Prarthana Dias

UT Austin Eta Kappa Nu – Psi Chair Madelyn Sikorski

Executive Committee: 27 members, Quorum: 14
Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary,Two Immediate Past-Chairs, Mgr Electronic Communications, Section Student Representative. (8)

All Chapter and Affinity Group Chairs (19)

Note: Chapter/AG Chairs can select different Chapter/AG Officer to cast Chapter votes

Section Committee 14 members, Quorum: 8
Chair,  Vice-Chair,  Treasurer,  Secretary,  Two Immediate Past-Chairs,  (6) and Standing Committee Chairs (8):
Standing Committee Chairs

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University Student Liaison

vTools Coordinator

Leslie Martinich

Joe Redfield

John Purvis

James Mercier

Tom Grim

Fawzi Behmann

Larry Larson

Kenneth Rice