Since its inception, IEEE has had a standing History Committee advising the IEEE Board of Directors on matters of the legacy and heritage of IEEE and its members and their related professions and technologies, and carrying out some activities in those areas.

In 1980, in anticipation of its Centennial celebration in 1984, IEEE established the IEEE History Center to be the staff arm of the History Committee.  In 1990, the Center moved to the campus of Rutgers University, which became a cosponsor.  In 2010, the Center also entered into a cooperative agreement with the University of California, Merced, in order to have a presence near the high-tech centers of the U.S.’s west coast. Today, IEEE’s central historical activities are carried out largely by the staff of the History Center, under the guidance of the History Committee.

The IEEE History Center is a not-for-profit organization which relies on your support to preserve, research, and promote the legacy of electrical engineering and computing.

Central Texas Section Chairs

Information on Section chairs from 1988 and earlier was taken from the May 1988 issue of the Analog
(A special thanks to Les Johnson for contributing a copy from his archives)

IEEE Section Chairs

2019 – present Larry Larson
2018-2019 Fawzi Behmann
2016-2017 Leslie Martinich
2012-2015 Kenny Rice
2010-11 Tom Grim
2008-09 Garrett Polhamus
2006-07 Clif Denny
2004-06 John Purvis
2001-04 T. Scott Atkinson
2000-01 Joe Redfield
1999-00 Farzan Aminian
1998-99 Larry Deuser
1997-98 Ernest A. Franke
1996-97 Bruce Williams
1995-96 Bob Grubb
1994-95 Bill Rogers
1993-94 Arwin Dougal
1992-93 George Price
1991-92 Nick Flores
1990-91 Les Johnson
1989-90 Kathryn Glass
1988-89 Robert L. Turner
1987-88 John Brogan
1986-87 David Rohe
1985-86 D. W. Spence
1984-85 A. Lee
1983-84 P. Blevins
1982-83 C. J. Henne
1981-82 W. D. Duesterhoeft
1980-81 W. G. Thorman
1979-80 Robert D. Hunter
1978-79 Robert D. Alexander
1977-78 C. W. May
1976-77 T. C. Davis
1975-76 H. Lyndon Taylor
1974-75 R. M. Adams
1973-74 H. L. Peterson
1972-73 J. W. Pettios
1971-72 B. F. Womack
1970-71 Raymond B. Wangler
1969-70 E. H. Soderberg
1968-69 G. S. Halter
1967-68 W. E. Cory
1966-67 W. R. Penn
1965-66 Calvin R. Graf
1964-65 Alfred H. LaGrone
1963-64 Robert Murray Jolly
IRE Section Chairs

1962-63 E. C. Lowenberg
1961-62 W. Lyle Donaldson
1960-61 Gifford E. White
1959-60 A. F. Hasbrook
1958-59 Elmer L. Hixson
1957-58 F. A. Brogan
1956-57 W. H. Hartwig
1955-56 P. Tarrodaychik
1954-55 C. M. Crain
1953-54 John Ohman
1952-53 Alfred H. LaGrone
1950-52 William J. Hamm
1947-50 C. L. Jeffers


AIEE Section Chairs

1962-63 G. W. Scoggins
1961-62 Richard L. Hancock
1960-61 W. F. Payette
1959-60 E. H. Soderberg
1958-59 Frank O. December
1957-58 T. A. Dodson
1956-57 Robert Murray Jolly
1955-56 H. G. Robinson
1954-55 A. A. Mollenhauer
1953-54 J. C. Smith
1952-53 R. A. Nicholson
1951-52 Roy Krezdorn
1950-51 A. C. Alberti
1949-50 L. L. Antes
1948-49 M. F. Noster
1947-48 S. R. Friedsam
1946-47 O. T. Lodal
1945-46 N. B. Gussett
1944-45 I. A. Uhr
1943-44 G. E. Schmitt
1942-43 W. F. Pinckert
1941-42 R. W. Warner
1940-41 N. B. Gussett
1939-40 L. P. Thein
1938-39 Otto W. Sommers
1937-38 M. H. Lovelady
1936-37 E. G. Conroy
1935-36 R. J. Foley
1934-35 J. W. Farrelly
1933-34 V. H. Braunig
1932-33 I. A. Uhr
1931-32 J. E. Woods
1930-31 Dean W. Flowers