IEEE Policies and Procedures

Most Important for CTS Committees and Chapters

2 July 2014

Last update 18 Aug 2018

 This Webpage is provided as a top-level index to policies and procedures of most use to the volunteers in CTS who make decisions and take actions in the day-to-day activities of IEEE in the Central Texas Section and its chapters. It is not intended to be a tutorial or a substitute for officer training but rather an exhaustive reference source for IEEE and subordinate activity policies and procedures. As such it can supplement training by providing CTS members insights into the policy sources that increase understanding of what we do and why we do the way the we do it. The overall goal is to list all rules policies and/or procedures with references to relevant MGA manual and other IEEE documents as needed. Members are encouraged to share policies and procedures they think are particularly important by sending the source links to the Webmaster for posting on this Webpage.


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