2021 Virtual CTS Winter Planning Meeting (Officers Larson, Bluiett, Martino, Dodge, Behmann and Martinich among many others

Some of the CTS 2021 Winter Planning Meeting Attendees  ↑

CTS Officers, Chairs & Coordinators

Chair Larry Larson larry.larson@ieee.org
Vice-Chair Andrew Bluiett Andrew.Bluiett@ieee.org
Secretary Martha Dodge mcdodge@ieee.org
Treasurer James Mercier bill.martino@ieee.org


Past Chair Fawzi BehmannLeslie Martinich f.behmann@ieee.orglmartinich@ieee.org
Electronic Communications Coordinator Dennis Ferguson Dennis Furguson
Analog Newsletter Editor Dennis Ferguson Dennis Ferguson
Policy and Procedure Review Tom Grim t.grim@ieee.org
Webmaster Martha Dodge mcdodge@ieee.org
Young Professionals – Austin Karina Paz haleyhirschfield@ieee.org
Consultants Network Luis Basto lbasto@ieee.org
Life Member Coordinator Bill Martino bill.martino@ieee.org
Women In Engineering Leslie Martinich lmartinich@ieee.org
Education Activities Leslie Martinich lmartinich@ieee.org
UT Austin TEMS Grad Student Chapter Suyogya Karki  suyogya.karki@utexas.edu 
Section Student Representative on ExCom Justice Micka Texas State  jam899@txstate.edu
PACE Norma Antunano normaantunano@ieee.org
Membership Development James Mercier, Dan Lewis mercier@ieee.orgDan.Lewis@IEEE.org
Corporate Outreach Program Fawzi Behmann f.behmann@ieee.org
Professional Development Fawzi Behmann f.behmann@ieee.org
Awards & Recognition Leslie Martinich lmartinich@ieee.org
Conferences Fawzi Behmann f.behmann@ieee.org
K thru 12 John Purvis John.Purvis@ieee.org
EWeek Austin John Purvis John.Purvis@ieee.org
Nominations & Appointments Leslie Martinich lmartinich@ieee.org
Student Activities Larry Larson larry.larson@ieee.org
Senior Member Upgrade James Mercier jmercier@ieee.org
R5 South Chair Christopher Sanderson christopher.b.sanderson@ieee.org
vTools Kenny Rice krice@ieee.org
Government Activities Leslie Martinich, Mina Hanna lmartinich@ieee.org,  minajean.stanford@gmail.com
OU Analytics James Mercier, Christopher Sanderson mercier@ieee.org, christopher.b.sanderson@ieee.org


Executive Committee26 members,

Quorum: 13

  • Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Two Immediate Past-Chairs, Mgr Electronic Communications, Student Representative (8)
  • All Chapter and Affinity Group Chairs (18)

Note: Chapter/AG Chairs can select different Chapter/AG Officer to cast Chapter vote


Section Committee: 16 members

Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Two Immediate Past-Chairs, Mgr Electronic Communications, Student Representative (8)


Standing Committee Chairs (8):

    Awards and Recognition Leslie Martinich

    Electronics Communications Dennis Ferguson

    K-12 Educational Activities John Purvis

    Membership Development James Mercier    Dan.Lewis

    Policies and Procedures Tom Grim

    Professional Activities Fawzi Behmann

    University Student Liaison Larry Larson

    vTools Coordinator Kenneth Rice