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November 2022

 Membership Contacts:

Hunter J Boudreaux – East Area Chair

Maciej J Zawodniok– North Area Chair

Christopher B Sanderson– South Area Chair

Faye Kann– West Area Chair

R5 EXCOM Roster can be viewed here:  https://rosters.ieee.org/home.html

 R5 EXCOM Meetings

The R5 Fall EXCOM meeting was hosted at Texas Tech University and was organized by Dr. Bilbao and Dr. Gale.
Dr. Bilbao hosted the tour of Texas Tech University Global Laboratory for Energy Asset Management and Manufacturing
(GLEAMM) facility https://www.depts.ttu.edu/gleamm/

The people in the GLEAMM tour photo are:
(L to R).  Dr. Argenis Bilbao, Kai Wong, Hunter Boudreaux, Matt Francis, Faye Kann, Scott Atkinson, Peter Adejokun, and Leslie Martinich. Dr. Richard Gale is behind Scott Atkinson facing the other way. Dr. Bilbao is the GLEAMM facility director, served as the tour guide and is the South Plains Section Chair.  Dr. Gale is the South Plains Section Secretary.


 2023 Audit Committee

Congratulations, the N&A Committee has approved the following slate to serve as the Region 5 Auditors during 2023.  You will be contacted by 2023 Audit Chair, Bill Wylie, later in the year as he prepares you for 2023.

  1. Treasurer: Paul Cassingham.
  2. Audit Committee Chair, 4th Year:  William Wylie (North) Billwylie@ieee.org
  3. Audit Committee, 3rd Year: Silke Spiesshoefer (East) Silke_Spiesshoefer@ieee.org
  4. Audit Committee, 2nd Year: Ernest X Njouondo (South) njouondo@ieee.org
  5. Audit Committee, 1st Year: Patterson, Tristan Hunter (West) tristanpatterson10@hotmail.com

POC: Director Bob Becnel bob.becnel@ieee.org

 Final Call for Candidates – Region 5 Director-elect 2023 Election

Final call for candidates interested in running for Region 5 Director (2023 election cycle)
Any Senior member (or above) from the South Area Sections (Central Texas, Corpus Christi, Dall, Fort Worth, Galveston Bay Houston or   Lone Star Section) is invited to express their intent to run for the position. 

This is a chance for you to get deeply involved with the full scope of the IEEE, including representing Region 5 at worldwide meetings, interacting with hundreds of similarly dedicated members and influencing change in the organization.

This is a unique opportunity to serve as Director-elect in 2024, then become Region 5 Director in 2026.  Over the next month, the Nominations Committee is simply looking for expressions of interest.

Please contact the Chair of the Nominations Committee (jim.look@ieee.org) if you wish to be considered as a potential candidate or if you have questions. Nominate yourself or another qualified volunteer now!

 Membership Development

New to IEEE? Want a refresher on the benefits of your membership?

Go to www.ieee.org/start  for a step by step approach to maximizing your membership benefits.

After a short introduction video, this site contains a summary of the many benefits of being an IEEE member including
Technical Content, Networking, Career Resources, help in finding local activities, Discounts, and Humanitarian and Philanthropic Opportunities. Check it out and MAXAMIZE your membership!

Not an IEEE Member?  Have you been waiting for the right time to join?

Join the IEEE this month and receive 14 months of the benefits of being an IEEE member for the price of 12.  Go to www.ieee.org/join  to begin receiving all the benefits of being an IEEE member NOW.

IEEE is the world’s largest technical society, bringing members access to the industry’s most essential technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools, and many other exclusive benefits.  To find out more, go to www.ieee.org/membership

Opportunity to make a difference as an Engineer!

As an IEEE member, or simply as an Engineer, we get the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of future engineers AND have some fun at the same time!

Science Fair Judge – Yes it is science fair season again!  There are a number of science and engineering focused schools in the Region 5 area that host science fairs each year. Most will be hosting fairs over several days this year.  Typically, they start in December with a local fair, move to a regional based fair in the Feb/March time, and then onto a state level competition.  Those winners then go to Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair – Society for Science, the Regeneron International Science and Engineer Fair.  This is the world’s fair of science fairs. In 2023 ISEF will be held in Dallas May 13-19.

If you look, there will probably be many local Science Fairs in your area.  Many schools are still working out how to continue to support their students with virtual/in person science fairs.  Pick a school, find out if they have a science fair, reach out to them, and go have some fun supporting the next generation of engineers!

R5 Membership Development Chair: Joe Redfield, R5 Membership Development Chair (J.Redfield@ieee.org)

R5 Conferences, Webinars and Professional Activities

 R5 Conferences and Webinars

  • The IEEE MetroCon 2022 (November 3, 2022) IEEE Fort Worth Section Annual Technical conference, returning to in person at Hurst Conference Center, http://www.metrocon.org/  MetroCon 2022 includes nine parallel and strong tracks! Attendees will have the opportunity to rapidly grasp the technical and         societal implications of some of the most promising and innovative new developments and ideas. Exciting Track Offerings – Internet of Things – Software and Systems Engineering – Developing and Deploying Secure Systems – Power & Energy Systems – Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence – Biotechnologies – Financial Management and Future Tools – Autonomous and Vehicle Systems – Photonics Contact Diane Bowen Collier for additional information dbcollier@ieee.org.
  • Panhandle Section anniversary
    The IEEE Panhandle Section celebrated their 75th anniversary on Thursday, October 27, 2022, in Amarillo, Texas during their annual fall professional development workshop.  Bob Becnel, Region 5 Director, Faye Kann, West Area Chair, and Matt Francis, Region 5 Director Elect all provided congratulations and comments on IEEE activities and events. A banner commemorating the anniversary was presented to the Section. The IEEE members who attended were provided with tumblers. Congratulations to Panhandle for 75 years of active service to the IEEE members

  • Panhandle sponsors professional development for members
    The IEEE Panhandle Section Fall 2022 Professional Development Seminar was held on  Thursday, October 27, 2022. The seminar was hosted in a hybrid fashion to give everyone the option to attend virtually or in-person.
    For the in-person attendees, the seminar will be held in Amarillo College’s West Campus Lecture Hall – 6222 SW 9th Ave., Amarillo, Texas 79106. Attendees receive CEU’s for attending which is a great benefit for IEEE members and Professional Engineers to maintain their certification.

  • Denver Section members reconnecting
    The Denver Section hosted a members’ picnic on Saturday, October 29, 2022, from 12:30 – 3:30 pm. Technical/Affinity Societies and University branches were invited to share information about their groups at different tables. Activities included members networking along with outdoor activities, and a raffle where everyone went home with IEEE logo swag. We also celebrated the birthday of Jim Sipes, 2022 Denver Section Chair. It was a wonderful event for members to reconnect!

IEEE Denver PES Chapter Chair GC Leone was sharing EE experiences with students from Colorado School of Mines.

Starting on the left side of the picture:

GC Leone, CEO of SR3Engineering
Babatunde Ohibago, consultant
Thomas MacDougall, student
Evan Felger, student
Andrew Mueller, student
Richard Gallegos, PE with EFI Consulting
Bailey Oteri, student

Region 5 Annual 2023 Student Competitions

  • The 2023 IEEE Region 5 Annual Student Competitions will be held at the Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center in Aurora, Colorado on April 22, 2023. These competitions are open to all undergraduate IEEE student members who are attending a school in Region 5. Space is limited for some competitions and is given on a first come first serve basis. Interested teams should submit their ‘Intent to Submit’ forms as soon as possible. Student Competition Discord server: https://discord.gg/meG8Qku6RD For more information, please visit: https://r5conferences.org/student-activities

Please direct any questions you may have to the region 5 student representative, jaiden or the student activities
chair, Amardeep.   Jaiden Strong  rsr@ieeer5.org, Amardeep Kaur   student_activities@ieeer5.org

Professional Activities
  • Professional Activities: Region 5 makes funds available for the support of professional activities in IEEE R5 Sections, Chapters, and Student Branches. The funds are managed and distributed through the Region. To obtain funding, a Section, Chapter, or Student Branch must complete a Project Plan and Financing Request form, obtain supporting signatures, and file the form with the Region 5 PACE Coordinator. For R5 PACE Form (includes program details) and project ideas, https://r5.ieee.org/member-opportunities/professional-activities-pace/.  If you have 2021 carry over and 2022 events, please send your completed PACE forms including event report to pacechair@ieeer5.org by Dec. 1, 2022.
R5 Sections and Formation Date


 Section  Date
 1 Arkansas River Valley June 20, 1994
 2 Arkansas April 23, 1947
 3 Baton Rouge February 5, 1955
 4 Beaumont June 27, 1945
 5 Central Texas May 23, 1930
 6 Corpus Christi October 25, 1951
 7 Dallas March 18, 1928
 8 Denver May 18, 1915
 9 El Paso March 7, 1940
10 Fort Worth January 5, 1956
11 Galveston Bay January 1, 1980
12 High Plains February 13, 2010
13 Houston August 7, 1928
14 Kansas City April 4, 1916
15 Lafayette November 11, 1970
16 Lone Star November 23, 2019
17 New Orleans December 8, 1933
18 Oklahoma City February 16, 1922
19 Ozark April 20, 1966
20 Panhandle  June 12, 1947
21 Pikes Peak May 22, 1978
22 Saint Louis January 14, 1903
23 Shreveport January 14, 1903
24 South Plains May 4, 1955
25 Southwest Missouri February 14, 2009
26 Tulsa October 1, 1937
27 Wichita September 16, 1937



Check out IEEE-USA Insight’s New Look IEEE USA have launched version 3.0 of our flagship publication IEEE-USA InSight, which covers career and public policy issues that are important to technology professionals.



The IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) is seeking qualified professionals from industry, government and academic sectors to serve as Program Evaluators to assist in accrediting Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs for the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) and the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET, Inc.

The deadline for submitting an application is 4 November 2022. This is a strictly volunteer position.
The IEEE evaluations conducted through ABET are cyclical, happening at institutions in 6-year cycles. Every year there are different needs for the amount and type of Program Evaluators needed. Applicants from Industry and/or Government are in high demand. IEEE has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and encourages women and minorities to apply. Only about 10% of applicants are accepted annually.

IEEE Program Evaluator candidates are required for the following ABET-accredited programs:

  • Computer Engineering and Computer Engineering Technology
  • Cybersecurity Engineering and Cybersecurity Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

(PLEASE NOTE: ETAC Applicants must be IEEE Members. EAC Applicants must be IEEE SENIOR MEMBERS.)
Remember, the submission deadline for applications is Friday, 4 November 2022, for the 2023-2024 academic year, so act now to take advantage of this unique opportunity! Applications for both EAC and ETAC are available on the ABET website at https://main.abet.org/Evaluator/Default.aspx.

General information for prospective applicants can be found at https://www.ieee.org/education/accreditation/pev-opportunities/pev-qualifications.html.

If you have any specific questions or would like additional information, please contact IEEE Accreditation Program Manager – Regina Samson, at +1 732 562-5306 or r.m.samson@ieee.org.

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