The History Committee researches, collects, and documents past history of IEEE Region 5.  Zafar Taqvi is the current chairman.  The primary location of Region 5 history is at the IEEE Global History Network (GHN).  The GHN is now the Engineering and Technology History Wiki and encompasses all branches of engineering and technology. The purpose of this page is not to duplicate that content, but rather to list a few of the major milestones in our history.  You are encouraged to visit the ETHW site where you are free to add your own words of recollection to our history or to that of your own local entity history.  Suggestions for items to include here are more than welcome.  Enjoy!

Past Directors of IEEE Region 5

Term Name
1963 Herbert O. Hodson
1964-1967 Carl R. Wischmeyer
1968-1969 William T. Sumerlin
1970-1971 Lloyd B. Cherry
1972-1973 William E. Cory
1974-1975 Robert M. Shuffler
1976-1977 Ross L. Bell
1978-1979 Darrell L. Vines
1980-1981 Arwin A. Dugal
1982-1983 Harb Hayre
1984-1985 Charles Wright
1986-1987 Edward C. Bertnolli
1988-1989 Mary Alys Lillard
1990-1991 John E. Martin
1992-1993 James V. Leonard
1994-1995 Ross C. Anderson
1996-1997 John R. Reinert
1998-1999 George Dean
2000-2001 Joe Lillie
2002-2003 Jean M. Eason
2004-2005 John W. Meredith
2006-2007 Robert Scolli
2008-2009 David Pierce
2010-2011 Sandra Robinson
2012-2013 Jim Jeffries
2014-2015 J. Derald Morgan
2016-2017 Francis B. Grosz
2018-2019 Robert Shapiro
2020-2021 Jim Look

Many thanks to Jim Leonard and John Meredith for their lists of pre-2000 former directors!  Note that prior to 1963, IEEE didn’t exist as such.  AIEE and IRE both had regions but the organization was a bit different from now.  For that history, you are referred to the GHN.