Region 5 is divided into four geographic areas: North, South, East, and West:

Each area has a coordinator who is responsible for communication with the sections in their area. Area coordinators are appointed by the Region Director.  The position of Region Director rotates through the four areas. Area coordinators appoint members to the following Region committees: PACE, Educational Activities, Conference Committee, and Life Member Committee.  Area coordinators serve on the Awards and Recognition Committee.Click on the section name to go to their website.

If the section is highlighted in the table below, it has no known website. If the name is crossed out, the link is either broken or the server may be down. The Sections in Region 5 are assigned to the Areas as follows:





Kansas City Arkansas Central Texas Black Hills (sub)
Oklahoma City Arkansas River Valley Corpus Christi Denver
St. Louis Baton Rouge Dallas El Paso
SW Missouri Beaumont Fort Worth High Plains
Tulsa Lafayette Galveston Bay Panhandle
Wichita New Orleans Houston Pikes Peak
Ozark Lone Star South Plains
Shreveport Rio Grande Valley(sub)