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March 2024

    Membership Contacts:

Hunter J Boudreaux – East Area Chair

Prasenjit Shil– North Area Chair

Joe Redfield– South Area Chair

Faye Kann– West Area Chair

R5 EXCOM Roster can be viewed here: https://rosters.ieee.org/home.html

    R5 Director’s Corner

Dear IEEE Region 5 Members,

March is here! Spring is always a busy time, and even more so within Region 5. We just completed the first full IEEE board meeting series of the year, where initiatives have moved forward from streamlining elections processes for sections to a new MOVE disaster response truck funded by IEEE-USA (https://move.ieeeusa.org/) – with luck this will allow us to have a truck stationed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by hurricane season. We are looking for volunteers, so please contact move@ieeer5.org if you are interested!

Our region meeting preparations are in full swing, with Green Tech 2024, our Student Competitions and Meeting/Awards Ceremony all scheduled for April 3-7 in Northwest Arkansas. As you can read below, have a fantastic set of speakers, panelists and topics lined up, so please consider registering today!

To support our awards program, we have also extended the deadline for awards nominations until March 5, so please nominate a deserving member, company or group! https://r5.ieee.org/awards/.

IEEE-USA Congressional Visits Day – it’s right around the corner! We will be descending on Washington, DC April 10-11. Join >100 that have already registered to come learn how to communicate policy priorities for IEEE in the US and our region. This is open to all members from students to professionals, and its great to have you as part of our voice of technology from this part of the world.

Finally – IEEE keeps growing! In our 140th year, we exceeded 474,000 members for the first time this last month, with ~24,000 members in Region 5. Please consider renewing your membership today if you have not already, and continue to be part of the premier network of technologists in the US Southwest – and the world!


A. Matt Francis, PhD
IEEE Director, Region 5

    R5 2024 Committee 

2024 Audit Committee
  1. Treasurer: William L WylieBillwylie@ieee.org
  2. Audit Committee Chair, 4th Year: Silke Spiesshoefer (East) Silke_Spiesshoefer@ieee.org
  3. Audit Committee, 3rd Year: Ernest X Njouondo (South) njouondo@ieee.org
  4. Audit Committee, 2nd Year: Patterson, Tristan Hunter (West) tristanpatterson10@hotmail.com
  5. Audit Committee, 1st Year: Bett, Italo (North) Italo.bett@ieee.org
   2024 IEEE Green Technologies (GreenTech) Conference 

The Sixteenth  IEEE Green Technologies (GreenTech) Conference is scheduled for  April 3 – 5, 2024 | Springdale, Arkansas


The 16th Annual IEEE GreenTech Conference is addressing the challenges of securing green and clean energy sources for the 21st century and building a more resilient and secure power grid to protect the environment.  Don’t miss your opportunity to track the latest trends in energy, from generation to supply chain – and the effect of the AI/ML revolution in the sector.   Registration is open!  Early bird registration closes Mar 22, so don’t miss out. 

This year’s Green Tech will include a special Energy Summit, open to all attendees as part of their registration. The Green Technology Energy Summit will be an evening focused on energy policy with speakers from energy.  generators, transmission, major retailers, along with state and federal government. Networking, a panel discussion with industry leaders, and dinner will also be included. 

See you April 3-5 in Northwest Arkansas!


Denver Section ExCom Hosts R5 Director Matt Francis

The Denver Section ExCom hosted (virtually) R5 Director Matt Francis at their monthly meeting on February 20, 2024. During his presentation, Matt shared information from the IEEE Board of Directors winter meeting series, as well as an overview of the 2024 structure, priorities, and strategies for the region. Membership numbers, discussion on students retained as members, Young Professionals meetings, STEM, and engaging members were the main topics.

Below is a picture of members attending in person and enjoying dinner provided by the Denver Section. An additional dozen members of the Denver Section also attended virtually.

The Denver ExCom members meet monthly over dinner to review monthly section, chapter, and group activities as well as to conduct section business. The meetings are always hybrid, with all members of the section invited to attend in person or virtually

IEEE-USA award to Faye Kann, R5 West Area Chair: Congratulations!

Faye Kann, the Region 5 West Area Chair, is being honored with The IEEE-USA Robert S. Walleigh Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism Award for her continued contributions to assisting IEEE and members. In recognition of her long-term activities.  


Faye Kann Award citation : “For outstanding volunteer efforts and dedicated service in support of IEEE professional activities”

Congratulations on this well deserved and prestigious award. Thank you for your leadership and consistent dedication.

Michelle Patrick-Krueger:  Welcoming the R5 New WIE coordinator

Michelle Patrick-Krueger, an exemplary Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Candidate at University of Houston will graduate in May 2024 with her Ph.D.  She embodies versatility in her career trajectory and exemplifies unwavering dedication to promoting Women In Engineering and STEM. She has taken a non-linear career path working in a diverse range of positions including those in neurotechnology, animation, emergency medicine, marine automation, predictive maintenance, digital transformation, technical writing, and agriculture before landing in her current role researching Brain-Computer Interface systems for rehabilitative medicine. Krueger has remained steadfast in her commitment to advancing the participation and representation of women in these fields.

Her journey, which commenced as a US Navy Corpsman, provided her with invaluable experiences in patient care which she seamlessly integrated into her subsequent endeavors in engineering and medical device development. Beyond her professional pursuits, Patrick-Krueger has actively engaged in STEM outreach initiatives, particularly targeting the K12 demographic. Through her involvement in projects such as Engineers Without Borders, Space Settlement Design Competition, and IEEE programs, she has championed the cause of gender diversity and inclusion in STEM, earning recognition and awards for her impactful contributions. Patrick-Krueger’s dedication to encouraging the next generation of female engineers and scientists extends beyond mere participation, as she actively fosters an environment of collaboration and mentorship, empowering young women to pursue their passions and excel in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Patrick-Krueger’s ability to forge partnerships and facilitate dialogue within her community further amplifies her impact in promoting Women in Engineering and STEM. Her leadership in establishing networks and initiatives aimed at supporting women’s advancement underscores her commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable future for the STEM workforce. As she prepares to embark on the next phase of her career researching Brain-Computer Interface systems for rehabilitative medicine, Krueger’s advocacy for gender diversity serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring female engineers and scientists, reaffirming the importance of representation and mentorship in driving meaningful change in the field.

Michelle has been a member of IEEE since 2016, and her home section is Galveston Bay. Her volunteer activities include the 2022 Student Competitions for Region 5 where the robots functioned under water. She is the 2024-2025 Women in Engineering (WIE) Coordinator for Region 5. Please contact her at mpatrick@ieee.org to coordinate activities or initiate Region 5 activities at conferences throughout the year. Michelle will also be highlighting WIE members in the Region 5 newsletters monthly and please share names and contact information with her. Michelle is looking forward to working with Region 5 members.

AESS/SPS Chapter and Denver Section Joint Event:Tour at Lockheed Martin’s Deep Space Operations Area
By Michele Miller, Senior Member and Tour Organizer

What do the Stardust, Genesis, and Osiris REx spacecraft have in common?  All are sample-return missions that were built and flown from the Lockheed Martin Space Support Building in Waterton, Colorado.


On Friday, February 16, Mr. Dave Gingerich of Lockheed Martin Mission Operations team gave a tour to 29 IEEE members and guests. Gingerich showed a wall of pictures of NASA spacecraft that have been developed at the Lockheed Martin Waterton campus, and he explained about past/current flying missions and their relevance to NASA’s Space Program.  He showed the 100,000-class Clean Room where spacecraft, starting with the Mars Viking Lander in the 1970’s, have been assembled and tested.


Gingerich gave anecdotes about some of the highlights, including volumes of science returned from the missions, and some lowlights, like how an accelerometer on the Genesis spacecraft was installed according to ambiguous instructions and caused a drogue parachute to fail to deploy when the return capsule reentered the Earth’s atmosphere. Fortunately, the Genesis samples were recovered and the mission was still a success.

He discussed some of the compelling science results that have been returned from Venus, Mars, the Sun, the Moon, asteroids and other parts of the Solar System.  He allowed participants to hold models of reaction wheels, which are used to reorient a spacecraft, and Aerogel, the lightest solid substance ever created.

The tour was expected to take 30-45 minutes but ended up being closer to 2.5 hours due to the interest and enthusiasm of the participants.


The tour was limited to 30 people and was fully registered within 2 hours of being published, so some follow-on tours will be scheduled, based on Mr. Gingerich’s schedule, to allow more members to experience this unique location that has contributed so much to our knowledge of space.

Fort Worth Section Member: Ademola Adejokun Re-appointed to State Regulatory Agency by The Texas Governor Greg Abbott 

Ademola Peter Adejokun, has been re-appointed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (TBPELS) for terms set to expire on September 26, 2029.

The Board licenses qualified engineers and land surveyors, and regulate the practice of professional engineering and professional land surveying in Texas.


   Community Outreach

Project Self-Sufficiency (PSS)

Project Self-Sufficiency (PSS) evolved from the efforts of a countywide task force in 1985 to coordinate and expand services for low-income, single-parent families.  One of the most promising pathways out of poverty includes access to higher education. Today, our local programs are offered to 105 families concurrently. PSS breaks new ground with single-parent families to access their self-power.  PSS provides educational and career empowerment through 1:1 coaching, goal reinforcement, and significant support helping single parents cut through the stress and barriers to their success to self-power their completely new life.

PSS receives donated laptops & computers from banks, hospitals, and local commercial businesses.  We refurbish those donations for participants’ academic use by installing current Windows operating systems, and applications and performing performance testing.

Volunteering at PSS is an excellent way to give back to your local community. For Members and Student Members, the commitment would be about 4 hours a week,

Right now, there is an immediate need in the Weld and Larimer County area of Northern Colorado, but there may also be a need in your immediate area.

If you live in the Northern Colorado area and are interested in volunteering,

please contact: Diane Glessner, Project Self Sufficiency, IT volunteer dianelee.glessner@gmail.com

    Membership Development

Have you renewed your IEEE membership for 2024?

It is easy to forget and easy to put off.  If you haven’t renewed your IEEE membership, or don’t know if you have, go to your IEEE account NOW.  Go to www.ieee.org, Sign in, select your name, and then select Membership and Subscription Information OR call 800 678-4333.  As a note, although Life Members have no dues, you do need to confirm your membership annually.

OR just renew now to avoid loss of any of your IEEE benefits at www.ieee.org/renew .

If you have already renewed, thank you for being part of the IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional association. We have a lot planned for you in 2024

IEEE Member Benefits

Have you looked at all the benefits you receive as an IEEE member?

IEEE has specific benefits tailored to your specific carrier phase.  Are you taking advantage of all that IEEE has to offer for you?  If you’re like me, you probably know of a few benefits and are taking advantage of them but are possibly missing out on others.

The latest IEEE member Benefits Bulletin is available.  Go to:

IEEE Member Benefits for the latest on

  • authoring through IEEE Collabratech,
  • member discounts on insurance, UPS shipping, computer purchases, and Wiley-IEEE Press,
  • Continuing educational opportunities through online learning and eBbooks.  IEEE members have access to over 380 eBooks at no charge.  See the current offering at https://www.ieee.org/publications/books/ebookclassics.html

Did you know about IEEE – IEEE Collabratec

IEEE has created an online tool to assist IEEE Members AND non-members in career development.

The IEEE Collabratec™ online community offers a suite of productivity tools and is available to technology professionals around the world with exclusive features for IEEE members. Plus sign up is free to everyone.

IEEE Collabratec™ can help you:

  • Connect with global technology professionals by location and
  • Access robust networking, collaboration, and authoring tools dedicated to technology professionals
  • Establish a professional identity to showcase key accomplishments

Go to Collabratec NOW

You do NOT have to be an IEEE member to join IEEE Collabratech.

For more information, please contact: Ian MacMillan / Region 5 Membership Development Chair / i.d.macmillan@ieee.org

    R5 Conferences, Webinars and Professional Activities

Region 5 Upcoming Conference List Now Available

Have you ever wondered what IEEE technical conferences are coming to your local vicinity? Have you ever wanted to get engaged as a volunteer with an IEEE technical conference in your local vicinity? Well, we now may have an easy way for you to find the answer. The Region 5 website now has a page listing upcoming conferences across Region 5. It also provides links to the conference websites where you can get further information about the conference and contact information if you are interested in getting involved with the conference organizing committee or work as a volunteer during the conference. The conferences being held within the Region 5 geographical area are listed at https://r5.ieee.org/upcoming/. There is also a link on the page to a downloadable Excel file listing the conferences that you can access and filter and sort to your heart’s content.

IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems May 12-14 2024

The conference, scheduled to take place on May 12-14, 2024 in St. Louis: https://icps2024.ieee-ies.org/,  which will bring together experts and researchers from academia and industry to exchange ideas and discuss the latest advancements in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems.

Primary contact Dr. Fang, Huazhen: fang@ku.edu
Region 5 Conference – ICC 2024 (Denver) June 9-13, 2024

The IEEE Denver Section is hosting the International Conference on Communications (ICC) which for 2024 which will take place in Denver Colorado (June 9-13, 2024).  ICC is one of the two IEEE ComSoc flagship conferences attracting a large number of contributors and attendants.  This year’s conference hosted 2000 attendees in Rome at ICC 2023


We invite you to submit a business, paper, workshop, tutorial proposal for consideration. See the attached Call for Papers (CFP) document. CFPs for symposium, workshops and tutorials require technical papers that will be published in IEEE xPlore digital library.  Industry presentations, panels and workshops (not requiring publishing papers) will be solicited in the weeks ahead.

Given the convergence of computing and communication in our industry, we hope you will consider this opportunity and spread the word to your colleagues. Access conference Weblinks: Symposium     Workshops    Tutorials

For any question, please contact Tim Weil – General Co-Chair – ICC 2024 (Denver)720.656.9572 (m) | 240.337-1305 (f)

Professional Activities
Region 5 makes funds available for the support of professional activities in IEEE R5 Sections, Chapters, and Student Branches. The funds are managed and distributed through the Region. To obtain funding, a Section, Chapter, or Student Branch must complete a Project Plan and Financing Request form, obtain supporting signatures, and file the form with the Region 5 PACE Coordinator. For R5 PACE Form (includes program details) and project ideas, https://r5.ieee.org/member-opportunities/professional-activities-pace/.
POC: Diane Collier pacechair@ieeer5.org.
    R5 Sections and Formation Date
Section Date
1 Arkansas River Valley June 20, 1994
2 Arkansas April 23, 1947
3 Baton Rouge February 5, 1955
4 Beaumont June 27, 1945
5 Central Texas May 23, 1930
6 Corpus Christi October 25, 1951
7 Dallas March 18, 1928
8 Denver May 18, 1915
9 El Paso March 7, 1940
10 Fort Worth January 5, 1956
11 Galveston Bay January 1, 1980
12 High Plains February 13, 2010
13 Houston August 7, 1928
14 Kansas City April 4, 1916
15 Lafayette November 11, 1970
16 Lone Star November 23, 2019
17 New Orleans December 8, 1933
18 Oklahoma City February 16, 1922
19 Ozark April 20, 1966
20 Panhandle June 12, 1947
21 Pikes Peak May 22, 1978
22 Saint Louis January 14, 1903
23 Shreveport January 14, 1903
24 South Plains May 4, 1955
25 Southwest Missouri February 14, 2009
26 Tulsa October 1, 1937
27 Wichita September 16, 1937

    IEEE USA News

Wanted:  Licensed volunteers to help with IEEE-USA and Region 5 Pilot for a PE Refresher

Region 5 is going to pilot a PE Refresher Pilot for IEEE-USA .  We have the opportunity to design and implement an exciting new and promising pilot for a program that IEEE-USA (Career and Professional Development ) and the MGA YP Committee are jointly creating.

As part of the pilot, a few subjects will be introduced to members that sign up.  These subjects are, tentatively, DC/AC Circuit Analysis, Mathematics, Ethics, Economics and Power.  At this time, we have an open call for an instructor in these areas to help with preparing a 2 hour webex on one of the preferred topics by creating some summary material and problems on the topic.  The instructor will present the material on one evening and then be available to answer questions on the problems.  We are looking to recruit the team in September and start enrolling in October.  I will have an informational session in mid September with those that respond to this call.  Instructors should not be concurrently supporting NCEES on any exam writing efforts.  Instructors should be licensed within the US.

In addition we would be looking for a project manager that is passionate about licensing to help manage the project and expand it beyond the pilot.

This is a pilot, so the purpose is to fine tune the program and collect feedback.  The informational session will help clarify format a little bit more.  However you may call me at 314-941-7641 or email at bob.becnel@ieee.org.


We are still pursuing a MOVE vehicle that will be based in Region 5, most likely in DFW.  GOOD NEWS – At the IEEE Board Series, a proposal was put forward for funding the third truck, it was approved.  We are on a path for the third truck.  Most likely late spring to early summer to have it ready, so it will be ready for the 2024 hurricane season.  With that news, we badly need the suite of volunteers that support the truck.  We are very short on drivers right now. We have had to turn down some deployments due to the lack of qualified/certified drivers. But, the initial need is volunteers that can be trained to do the needed truck maintenance, does not require being certified to drive the truck.  If you are at all interested, please contact me.  If you are interested, take a look at the MOVE web site, click on “volunteer” and enter your information. Or, contact Gerry Ourada, gourada@ieee.org for assistance or questions.


 The trucks are primarily focused on supporting disasters across the US in coordination with the American Red Cross. The trucks are also used for various STEM events. There are many opportunities to volunteer, truck drivers/operators, radio team, truck maintenance team, weather team, STEM volunteer, media coordination, etc

IEEE-USA’s annual Congressional Visits Day (CVD).

You are cordially invited to join us on 10-11 April in Washington, DC, for IEEE-USA’s annual Congressional Visits Day (CVD). 

CVD provides a unique opportunity for U.S. IEEE members to meet with their Congressional representatives and key staff to raise awareness among lawmakers of engineering and technology’s long-term importance to the nation and recommendations for technically sound policy solutions.

Where, When & How

CVD 2024 training will take place in-person on Wednesday, 10 April, and meetings on Capitol Hill will take place on Thursday,  11 April. All CVD meeting appointments will be coordinated by IEEE-USA and Soapbox Consulting. Registered participants will receive their meeting schedule closer to the event date.

Please note that participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodations

More Info

To learn more about CVD, please visit ieeeusa.org/CVD or contact IEEE-USA’s Director of Government Relations Erik Heilman at e.heilman@ieee.org.



Join the R5 IEEE CVD Ask-Me-Anything and Shape the Future of Technology!

Calling all Region 5 members! Are you interested in learning how YOU can make a real impact on policy and legislation affecting engineers and the tech industry?

This exclusive Ask-Me-Anything session dives deep into the IEEE-USA Congressional Visits Day (CVD), a premier event where your voice has the power to influence the future.

Here’s what you’ll gain by attending:

  • First-hand insights: Get insider information from experts about the benefits of attending CVD and how it strengthens IEEE’s influence on government decisions.
  • Empowerment to advocate: Learn how your participation can shape the future of technology policy and directly impact the lives of fellow engineers and professionals.
  • Answers to your questions: Get expert guidance on everything CVD-related, from logistics and preparation to effective communication with policymakers.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to:

  • Become an advocate for your profession.
  • Gain valuable knowledge about government relations and policymaking.
  • Network with fellow engineers and industry leaders.
  • Make a real difference in the future of technology.

Mark your calendars and join the Ask-Me-Anything session! Together, we can make our voices heard and ensure a brighter future for the engineering community.


   MGA News 

Call for Nominations: 2025 IEEE MGA Leadership Positions: Deadline 15 March 2024

The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee is soliciting nominations for the following 2025 leadership posit

– MGA Vice President-Elect/Board Chair-Elect

– MGA Treasurer

– MGA Vice Chairs

    -Geographic Unit Operations

    -Information Management

    -Member Development

– Committee Chairs

    -Admission and Advancement (IEEE)

    -Awards and Recognition

             -Chapter Operations Support  

    -IEEE.tv Advisory

    -Life Members (IEEE)

    -Member Benefits Portfolio Advisory

    -Membership Recruitment and Recovery

    -Operations Manual Compliance

    -Potentials Editorial Board

    -Student Activities



    -Young Professionals (IEEE)

 – IEEE HKN – MGA Governor-At-Large

 The deadline to submit nominations for the above positions is 15 March 2024.

complete list of available MGA positions, committee descriptions, and information on the MGA Nominations and Appointments process are available.

Ø  Nominate yourself or a colleague now

 For questions, email mga-noms@ieee.org

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