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If you are a new visitor to the website, here are: the Pikes Peak Section’s Mission, Vision and Goals.   A 6-minute video of Achievements during the 2019-2022 can be found here.  More information about the highlights, State of the Pikes Peak Section, and list of events during 2019-2022 can be found here.

Dedicated Web Pages of Society Chapters

We recently added dedicated web pages for the following society chapters/groups.   Click on the blue ‘i’ on the logo image or hyperlinked text below the set of logo icons for more information

Videos and Digital Flipbooks from Society Chapters

Based on the content generated from the Pikes Peak Section societies and groups, we also provided digital flipbooks and/or videos to the society and group pages shown below: 

Note:  Please be patient as it takes a minute or two to load the flipbooks and videos.  Some videos take time to load due to bandwidth-limited websites.

Recent Events, Engineering Unleashed & Community Outreach 

You will also find the latest and reported meetings or events from the section here.  Any upcoming meetings can be found on the left column of this home page.  

We also provided a dedicated section on the Entrepreneurial Mindset for Students and Faculty.  The multi-media content will provide graduating IEEE students a competitive edge during a job interview. The Entrepreneurial Mindset working in tandem with the technical skillset is based on the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) framework, also found at Engineering Unleashed website.  The web section that was developed contains:





–  To obtain your interests, activities/events, and  constructive feedback in creating more value to its members and the local community,  as well as helping to plan future events.

–  To update you on latest activities/events and Section sustainability, like the Rising Stars Conference and the State of the Pikes Peak Section (see highlights below the Agenda section)

There will be two meetings:

  1.   A Section meeting in which all IEEE members are invited to attend (5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, see Agenda section)
  2.   An EXCOM (Executive Committee) Meeting (6:30 pm – 7:30 pm) in which all IEEE section members (who are not part of the  EXCOM committee) are invited to attend as well.

To help save time during the meeting, the Section has developed a work-in-progress and multimedia website with highlights of events during 2019-2022 period for the members to provide a snapshot of Section/Chapters activities.  The highlights with weblinks can be found just below the Agenda section.  There is also an attached pdf of the  same highlights with weblinks.

The meeting room can only accommodate 30 people.  Adjacent to the meeting room is a dining area for overflow to accommodate more than 30 people.

For those who cannot attend the meeting, you can email me at john.santiago@ieee.org or john@e-liteworks.com  about your interests of topics, new services and/or other recommendations.   We’ll compile and consolidate them for the meeting.   If you have time, I’d suggest you review the highlights of past activities and other information that can be found in the Agenda section shown below.

A survey will also be sent out requesting feedback on planning of future activities and services.  For example, using IEEE vTools (vTools stand for Volunteer Tools) as well as zoom, google meet, Microsoft Teams should the section re-activate past Section chapters that may be geographically widely dispersed?  VTools Analytical Database (OU Analytics) shows the following number of section members for those with no chapters within the section.

–  Communication Society (48 members)

–  Solid-State Circuits (47 members)

–  IEEE Signal Processing Society (30 members)

–  Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society (22 members)

Using vTools, one can “simplify the administrative tasks to our volunteers via the use of online tools, reducing time spent managing activities and assisting in member development.”

One of the new features in vtools is called Local Groups.  Here, a member can request formation of a new informal group in your Section.  Perhaps there is a lot of interest in Blockchain or avid HAM Radio operators.  You can form a Local Group to get like minds together.

Appreciation to Section Volunteers

For the digital flipbooks below, click on the toolbar (shown below) found near the bottom right of the flipbook.

Survey Results as of 16 February 2023

If you would like to provide your input to the survey,  the survey questions can be found at Survey | IEEE Pikes Peak Section.

Although the deadlines may have come and go, we still value our members’ input to guide future activities and events for the section.

For the digital flipbooks below, click on the toolbar (shown below) found near the bottom right of the flipbook.

16 February 2023: Daniel Thomson – Rising Stars Conference Report

State of the Pikes Peak Section – Dr. John Santiago

The briefing below also serves as an early-bird celebration of  Engineering week!

Click on image below to enlarge

Date/Time:  28 Sep 2022:  10:00 am to 11:00 am (MST)

REGISTER:  https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/321958

Date/Time:  27 Sep 2022: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Location:  4110 North Academy Blvd (Old Chicago), Colorado Springs , CO 80918

REGISTER:   https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/321749


An EXCOM Meeting was held on 23 Aug 2022.  The primary focus for the meeting was understanding the budgeting process for student simulation projects with regards to the National Museum of WWII Aviation.  The proposed project was presented by David Bondurant, Life Member Affinity Group (LMAG) Chair and John Reinert, Section Treasurer, explained the budgeting process to all of the members.  The meeting clarified the budgeting process for future propostals involving outreach or other activities.  John Reinert intends to provide more guidance on David Bondurant’s proposal.  The guidance will include a blank project proposal form (the Region PACE Project form) along with a filled-out example for the Science Olympiad. David also mentioned there are forms for the Computer Society and Life Members. John will also do a summary follow-up to the EXCOM. Basically, reiterating that the EXCOM members are supporting the project in concept and will need to see the proposal.  This meeting and follow-up activities will serve in documenting the budget process.

UPDATE:  As discussed above, you can find a blank project proposal form (the Region PACE Project form) and filled-out example for the Science Olympiad here.

[masterslider id=”8″]https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/322514

Student WWII Aircraft Simulation Projects At National Museum of WWII Aviation : vTools Events (ieee.org)

A joint Life Member Affinity Group, Computer Society and Section meeting was held on 28 July 2022 to hear a presentation on simulation projects for the National Museum of WWII Aviation.  A simulation project was proposed to involve IEEE Student Branches and Section members.  The presentation was given by Verne Patterson from the museum.

The Museum has involved 110 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs engineering students over the last 7 years in the development of it’s interactive exhibits.  One example is Kevyn Kelso, a computer engineering major who enrolled in a class called Senior Design Project.  He chose to work at the Museum for his final project and was assigned the Norden Bombsight Simulator Project team.  Past students were involved with creating a 3-D printed replica of the Norden Bombsight used by bombardiers to accurately land bombs.  Kevyn joined 4 other students in developing the computer imaging of a B-17 dropping bombs on a target using real physics for bomb trajectory based on inputs from the replica Norden Bombsight.

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REGISTER:  Meet the Candidates for IEEE President – Hosted by Region 5

Thursday, January 28, 2021,  8:13 pm  |  (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US Canada)

 IEEE Initiative on Privacy and Security Using Blockchain Technology

Recording password: (This recording does not require a password.)

A status update about the Pikes Peak Section was given on 30 July 2020 as well as a presentation of the AMES Power Plant. Below are slides of the vision, mission, and strategic goals.  More information on the status update can be found here.

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Archived Announcements