IEEE members of the Pikes Peak Section visited the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) to evaluate and judge several Senior Design Capstone Projects by the cadets from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  They also had a tour of the department’s facility led by the IEEE Student Branch Faculty Advisor, Dr. John Ciezki.

Students are preparing to build a Tesla Coil in preparation for community events such as Cool Science.   The demonstration will show the Tesla coil can light up a florescent lamp without wires.  Other projects include: building a potato gun, building a robotic area and mobile robotic devices, building and flying quadcopters and many others.

Students are working with the Space Foundation – Discovery Center to build underwater robotics.   This can simulate astronauts working in space, for example, a robotic arm.

Students can participate in this Colorado Springs sponsored and annual event by showing their technical skillset and entrepreneurial mindset with regards to their senior design projects.  The photos shown is a project involving alternative energy for recreational vehicles.  Alternative energy sources in this project are solar and wind energy.

The Space Foundation – Summer of Discovery provides an opportunity of IEEE student members to reach out to the younger generation in getting them interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  The interactive and hands-on exhibits give the younger kids a taste of what STEM is all about.

The photos are about a student-led meeting where they talk about quadcopters and presentation by one of the IEEE student members describing his recent experience involved in a Disney program called Imagineering, The same student graduated with a Computer Engineering degree and ended up working in Disneyland at China designing theme park rides.  Yes, he learned how to speak Chinese fluently.

As you scroll to the bottom of this photo gallery, you’ll see his visual resume as an embedded webpage on this tab section.

The IEEE student members took initiative to help host a Solar Expo and Tour of the Parade of Homes.  This was hosted at the Colorado Technical University.  The photos also include student involvement by having a booth in an Engineering Summit.  There is one photo showing an automatic watering system such that the system will not turn on when it is raining.

Not many people know that Engineering Week is celebrated during George Washington’s birthday, an accomplished surveyor as well as an experimentalist on agriculture.  You could say in modern times that President Washington was an agricultural engineer and was not only the first president but the first U.S. engineer of his time.