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May 2019: USAF Academy Senior Projects

Feb 2020: MRAM Technology

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Student WWII Aircraft Simulation Projects At National Museum of WWII Aviation : vTools Events (

The Museum has involved 110 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs engineering students over the last 7 years in the development of it’s interactive exhibits.  One example is Kevyn Kelso, a computer engineering major who enrolled in a class called Senior Design Project.  He chose to work at the Museum for his final project and was assigned the Norden Bombsight Simulator Project team.  Past students were involved with creating a 3-D printed replica of the Norden Bombsight used by bombardiers to accurately land bombs.  Kevyn joined 4 other students in developing the computer imaging of a B-17 dropping bombs on a target using real physics for bomb trajectory  based on inputs from the replica Norden Bombsight.

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An EXCOM Meeting was held on 23 Aug 2022.  The primary focus for the meeting was understanding the budgeting process with regards to the student simulation projects for the National Museum of WWII Aviation.  The proposed project was presented by David Bondurant, Life Member Affinity Group (LMAG) Chair and John Reinert, Section Treasurer, explained the budgeting process to all of the members.  The meeting clarified the budgeting process for future proposals involving outreach or other activities.  John Reinert intends to provide more guidance on David Bondurant’s proposal.  The guidance will include a blank project proposal form (the Region PACE Project form) along with a filled-out example for the Science Olympiad. David also mentioned there are forms for the Computer Society and Life Members. John will also do a summary follow-up to the EXCOM. Basically, reiterating that the EXCOM members are supporting the project in concept and will need to see the proposal.  This and follow-up activities will serve in documenting the budget process.  Meeting ID:

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In celebration of IEEE Day, the IEEE Pikes Peak Section visited the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) IEEE Student Branch to talk about “Why A Technical Skill Set May Not Be Enough “by Dr John Santiago and “Going Pro” by Mr. Daniel Thomson.

For Daniel Thomson presentation, he provides reasons why IEEE is a good return-on-investment (ROI) as well as a discussion of the benefits of attending the Rising Stars Conference, held every January at Las Vegas.   Young Professionals and IEEE Student members are highly encouraged to attend.  Please see your student branch advisor for details.  Due to budget constraints, one student per student branch may attend.

Rising Stars Conference and Leadership presentation of slides and video (no audio) can be found here.

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